So, a few years ago I was introduced to her through a festival lineup, and I got to witness what a powerhouse she truly was onstage. At the time I discovered her, she only had one album out, and that was a terrific way to get to hear all of her originals. See, if you go down to Robert’s to see her play one of her ever popular 4 hour sets, of course her job is to play a litany of covers. And that is not a bad thing!

I did recently go down there in order to hear the title song “Easin’ On”, and one other from this album. Of course if you ask me for my own opinion, her best song was “Foolish” and I will always request her to play it live. There isn’t a damn thing wrong with making Robert’s your stepping stone home, because that bar has helped propel a plethora of people I could name. So now I will share some of my thoughts on the album.

Her first two albums were produced by Andy Gibson, and this one was produced by herself and Shawn Bryne. It takes a little bit of a different turn in the sound department. The overall theme of the album itself is still just as Country as she has always been, but some of the songs give the overall album an old Rockabilly vibe.

To be honest, the very first time I heard the opening song “Time For A Change”, I believed her from every angle. If she meant veering off from Honky Tonk Country, she hit the mark. If she meant time for a change in the personal area, she has done that too. This album contains some of the most powerful lines of any of her past songs, and as a person this album spoke to me more than 90 percent of any other album 2024 has brought out.

It brings me great joy to be able to buy her records and support what she does because songs like “Love Me” show me how she can put a 70s sound on a song so chocked full of steel guitar solos and twang. This album truly is her finest work to date, I swear, some of the directions she takes us now aren’t bad!

I felt like she wrote “Trouble With Me” about ME, and that’s a definitive factor that can make someone buy an album. I have 0 DOUBT if YOU are a recoverd addict like me, it’ll speak to you as well. All you can do is move forward, and recognize your faults, and learning how to cope. We all have trouble with ourselves…and as soon as you finish this album, you’ll understand just where she has been for all these years between albums.

She is about as real as it gets. Period.

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