RW12 * POP’S FARM  *  MAY 26-29, 2022

Sad news. Happy news. Big news.

     We held out as long as we could, but current and projected state laws governing maximum crowd sizes make it extremely unlikely Rooster Walk 12 would be allowed to take place at Pop’s Farm in late May. As such, we have several important announcements for you:    
   A) Rooster Walk 12 won’t take place this May. Which is very sad, but…
   B) We’re thrilled to announce “Rooster Walk Reunion,” a three-day festival at Pop’s Farm, will take place on the Oct. 8-10 weekend! RW Reunion will bring many of your favorite bands, vendors and friends back to Pop’s for something that looks and feels like RW in all the right ways, but adds changing leaves, cooler temperatures and an even more intimate vibe. We are sooooo excited about this! Stay tuned for more details very soon…
   C) We’re not done yet! We will also hold a series of one-night concerts at Pop’s Farm starting this spring, complete with on-site camping. These shows will be planned and announced as socially distanced (pod) concerts, but if state health laws allow us to change them into a good, old-fashioned “pre-COVID” format (AKA no pods) we will absolutely do that. Two of these shows will take place over Memorial Day weekend at Pop’s (Fri & Sat, May 28-29). Don’t miss ’em.
   D) Ticket Questions, Etc.: In the coming weeks, once we’ve announced more details about Rooster Walk Reunion and the spring concerts, we will offer ticket Roll Overs/Exchanges/Refunds. This means patrons who have already purchased a ticket to Rooster Walk 12 will have the following options: Hold onto your ticket(s) for use at Rooster Walk 12 held next year (May 2022); exchange your RW12 ticket(s) for tickets to the spring and fall events at Pop’s; get a refund for your RW12 tickets; donate your ticket purchase to Rooster Walk Inc. (a 501c3 nonprofit charity). **None of these options are available at the current time, but they will be soon. We promise to give you plenty of heads up via email and social media posts.**
   It goes without saying that we’re extremely bummed to miss out on Rooster Walk in May yet again, but it seems disingenuous and counterproductive to promote a festival that, based on all research and resources available to us, won’t be allowed to take place in late May. However, we are very excited to offer the spring shows and Rooster Walk Reunion, all of which will allow camping, dancing and much-needed merriment at Pop’s Farm this year! 
   Thank you so much for the incredible patience, love and generosity you’ve shown us over the past year. It means more than you will ever know. Can’t wait to see you on the farm.

Folks you know that I am still keeping track of well over 275 yearly festivals, from all over the United States, and I’ll continue to bring the news and lineups to light. Honestly, I think a lot of the festivals that are scheduled in the spring will be rescheduled for the fall.

I speak with as many festival directors and PR companies as I can, and I ardently watch all of the posts from all of the festivals. On a monthly basis, I get down and dirty for the purpose of music..and my readers.

This article is going to begin a series of articles about the current state of festivals on a huge scale in 2021. I am going to post videos, updates, and all of the news that I can come up with on this subject here.

So now,

Announcing Rooster Walk Reunion Music Festival, Oct. 8-10, 2021!!

Featuring The Infamous Stringdusters, Robert Randolph, Melvin Seals & JGB, and 25+ more bands
It’s for the bands, and the fans, the staff and the vols. For the vendors and menders and you’uns and y’all. It’s Rooster Walk Reunion, an amazing, intimate, limited-capacity festival Oct. 8-10, 2021 at Pop’s Farm that will feature a full lineup of Rooster Walk festival alumni bands, plus all your friends and family.
Rooster Walk Reunion is a 3-day festival in the rolling foothills of the Blue Ridge celebrating music, art, and the great outdoors at the idyllic Pop’s Farm venue. With approximately 30 bands performing on 5 different stages, an eclectic roster of great music guides the Rooster Walk experience.
In addition to 3 days of amazing tunes, the family-friendly Rooster Walk will offer a wide variety of kids’ activities, craft beer, great food, arts and numerous opportunities to enjoy Virginia’s great outdoors. 
If you are a current Rooster Walk 2022 ticket holder and you would like to transfer your tickets to Rooster Walk Reunion (Oct. 8-10, 2022), you will have that option. More details on how to do that coming you soon. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to

Tickets on sale Wednesday at 10 am!

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