Collin Raye to Release New Album in Celebration of 25 Years in Music

On Tuesday May 16th Mr. Collin Raye will be releasing a (sort of) new album, where he will re record 25 of his all time greatest hits and release them again. Sixteen of the songs are currently past number one hits from his 25 year history as an artist..see the pattern here?

We haven’t heard from him as far as any new music since 2009 on an album called “Never Going Back”, however he has released several gospel albums since then. Many of the songs he dedicates to little Haley his granddaughter, who died of a severe brain disorder. he also released a biography in 2014, that was a pretty interesting read.

In 2004 he added to the Live At Billy Bob’s collection with a live album that was pretty good and contained many of these hits on it, but he never had much chart success after 2007. Nonetheless he does remain a prominent fixture of 90’s Country performers who were singing more traditional country type upbeats songs, and more pop country ballads.

Collin Raye — 25 Years, 25 Hits Track Listing:
1. I Can Still Feel You
2. On The Verge
3. Little Rock
4. My Kinda Girl
5. In This Life
6. All I Can Be (Is A Sweet Memory)
7. Every Second
8. Little Red Rodeo
9. Not That Different
10. I Think About You
11. If I Were You
12. That’s My Story
13. I Want You Bad (And That Ain’t Good)
14. Somebody Else’s Moon
15. That Was A River
16. What The Heart Wants
17. One Boy, One Girl
18. Someone You Used To Know
19. Couldn’t Last A Moment
20. A Man Of My Word
21. Anyone Else
22. The Gift
23. What If Jesus Comes Back Like That
24. Love Remains
25. Love, Me
26. Undefeated (Bonus track)
27. She’s With Me (Bonus track)
28. Shall We Gather At The River (Bonus track)

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