I have been ( and still remain ) a collector of music, be it vinyl or cd. However, I am also heavily into indulging over learning about music history as well. I spend a lot of time and energy collecting vinyl from different eras of Country Music history.

Many times when I go down to local record stores, I know what titles I am going after. I do try to put aside a little for an impulse buy, which is quite prevalent to many of us music junkies.

I spend a LOT of time finding the records I want, and I go in spurts and whims. I go on searching when the need bites me, and I enjoy going to record shows as well. When these companies release many of these old recordings, it makes me very excited.

Hello Omnivores,
In a special arrangement with Buck Owens Enterprises, Omnivore Recordings is proud to present original, vintage Buck Owens- and Bakersfield-related LPs and 45s direct from Buck’s very own vaults.
Over the years, the country music great collected a sizable number of his albums and singles for his own use, Besides copies of his own albums, he also kept quantities of releases by other artists in his stable. All these unplayed records have been sitting untouched in Bakersfield since they were originally issued. Omnivore has offered vintage Buck LPs before, but is now adding 45s and original, vintage records by Don Rich, Susan Raye, Buddy Alan, The Buckaroos, Bakersfield Brass and more! And, some of the albums that sold out in the last offering will be replenished (for the last time).
These are never-before-played long players and singles, most dating back to Nashville West’s most successful era and the height of the Bakersfield sound in the ’60s and ’70s.
From Limited-Edition bundles to single 45s, Omnivore will carry them only while supplies last. Every bundle or single record release (LP or 45) will include a certificate of authenticity. All records will go on sale April 15, 2021, at 9 AM PST and they will only be available from:
Your friends at
Omnivore Recordings

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