There are many names involved in Country Music that are symbolic of making it my favorite genre of all. I am exactly like one of my heroes Mr. Robert K Oerman, whom not only studies the artist and the song…they salivate over having to know EVERYBODY that played on the entire album altogether.

If you collect vinyl albums to the extent that I do, you will find the name Jimmy Capps on a plethora of those old Country albums. Recently we lost Mr. Kenny Rogers, who released the album called “The Gambler”. The song was written by Mr. Don Schlitz and if you look on the album jacket, you’ll see Jimmy Capps.

In 1980, Mr. Curly Putman wrote a smash hit song that was recorded by Mr. George Jones on the album called “I Am What I Am”….if you look on that album you’ll see that name once again..Mr. Jimmy Capps. I tell these kind of people time and time again that THEY ARE JUST AS INTEGRAL as the artist themselves. He was a full on active member of what is called “The Nashville A- Team” whom, when assembled were an unstoppable force for Country Music in the past.

He was an inductee of the Musician’s Hall Of Fame, a staple member of Larry’s Family Diner on RFD TV, and a beloved part of the hallowed series called “Country’s Family Reunion”. Back in 1996 Gabriel Communications started that show where the Legends gather and share stories and play. If you watch the house band long enough you will see him……once again…Jimmy Capps.

This part of my article is the most special to me….he was a staple member of the Grand Ole Opry house band since 1967. He originally came onto the Opry  with Mr. Charlie and Mr. Ira Louvin, where he played guitar with them on the song “Knoxville Girl”. In 1959 he became an Opry member where he played for so many Legends until his death.

If you read his 2018 autobiography called “The Man In Black”, you will learn so many cool stories and memories of decades of work for this genre. Stories of the recording studio fun they had while recording the album called “Stand By Your Man” in 1969, which was Miss Tammy Wynette’s fourth album.

His presence on the Opry stage was just as beloved and integral as that gorgeous circle of wood taken from the Ryman stage and placed into the current Opry stage we have now. To be honest no matter how many Legends come and go, that circle of wood will always remain….and I think angels like Jimmy Capps are gracefully looking down that circle blessing all whom stand in it.

He has not left the Opry my dear readers…..NO. he IS there, because he IS part of the Opry and always will be. The powers that be may want to forcefully take all the history away from Country Music today, but as long as people like me are around studying these precious gems…people like Mr. Jimmy Capps will NEVER DIE.


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