By Joshua Wallace

The Ottoman Turks are back with the follow up to their 2019 self titled debut called Ottoman Turks II.  This record leans more into the heavy rock aspects of their sound and gives us glimpses of country and rockabilly mixed in.  If you miss the days when Hank 3 would do shows that would include both country and rock/metal in the same night, this is definitely a band to check out.

The album kicks off with “Wound Up”, which is a fun rocker with an infectious gang vocal chorus.  It’s a fun way to start the record and this is a good one to get the blood pumping.  Another favorite is “Vaquero” and this is another banger of a rock song.  Clocking in at under 3 minutes, this song reminds me a lot of R.E.M.’s “It’s The End Of The World As We Know It (And I Feel Fine)” but heavier.  Joshua Ray Walker is on fire with the solo on this track and it’s a real jam from start to finish.

“Travelin’ Blues” is one of the more country songs on the record.  It’s still a rocker at heart, but it has a bit of a shuffle to it and some extra twang thrown in.  “35 To Life” switches things up a bit and goes into metal territory with a bit of a sludge inspired blues rock sound.  I dig the vocals on this one and it just creates a different vibe at the middle point of the album.  Finally, another highlight on this record is “Zootstack Lightning”.  This is another killer guitar track with some crazy riffage from Joshua Ray Walker.  It’s also a track that has Nathan Wells, Joshua Ray Walker and Billy Law taking verses.  It’s tracks like this that show the range the band employs in their sound.

If you’re a fan of bands that can stretch their legs and hit multiple genres in one record, I highly recommend this one.  The Ottoman Turks go from punk rock to rockabilly to country to sludge metal and heavy blues all in the span of 34 minutes.  I have only touched on some of the tracks here, but if any of this intrigues you, give Ottoman Turks II a listen.  You won’t be disappointed.  This album is out everywhere as of April 2nd, 2021.

Favorite Tracks : Wound Up, Vaquero, Travelin’ Blues, 35 To Life, Zootstack Lightning, American Male

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Ottoman Turks – Ottoman Turks II (2021)

  1. Wound Up
  2. Vaquero
  3. Travelin’ Blues
  4. Conspiracy Freak
  5. 35 To Life
  6. Cigarettes & Alcohol
  7. Low Down Blue Dog Whine
  8. Zootstack Lightning
  9. American Male
  10. Militant Preacher
  11. Rootless Tree
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