Around 6PM Saturday night I was really excited and looking forward to
J.B.Beverley’s set because it was a Wayward Drifters set.
It was getting cooler out and night was setting in but the stage was
getting hotter!
It was a very energetic show from the start get-go.

He opened his set with “Going To Ride A Train” and man
let me tell you…there is nothing better than Ol J.B.
and Buck Thrailkill together up there along with the rest
of the Wayward Drifters.

He played “Memories Of You” and a really cool song called
“Chicken Pie” that I really enjoyed.
His Wayward Drifters sets are a different format of music in a sence.
His album ‘Stripped To The Root” was several different formats of music
in one album.
It’s still really good music but the Wayward Drifters is my favorite set he does.

“Drinkin Bourbon” was another song that he did that night.
And he covered John Anderson’s “Wild And Blue” which I thought he did a
great job doing.

‘Disappear On Down The Line” is probably one of my favorite songs he does.
And he also did ‘Lonesome Lonely And Cold”.
Now we all learned a great tidbit this weekend about “Ole Slewfoot” that he covered
and we looked it up and found out Howard Housey wrote it.

He closed his set with “Aint Gonna Work” and “Train Song”. I am really glad I got
to see this particular set because I have never seen an actual Wayward Drifters set
yet. After getting to see him several times I think it was still one of the top 3 best shows
of the weekend for sure.
I thought the same of his Muddy Roots set too, I just always have a great time with his set.

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