Folks this was reported to me this morning at a music festival in British Columbia that happened over the weekend and has organizers literally go from profits to loss in a matter of hours. THIS IS SOMEONES PROPERTY that was kind enough to rent it out to the organizers for this event.

I’m not going to mention the music involved because it DOES NOT MATTER this isn’t meant to “bash” any genre or festival directly but it makes me VERY angry to have a phone call from organizers in tears. I myself had several instances where I took part in major clean up of unspeakable filth at MANY festivals all across the United States. I had one instance where someone left feces in a cooler…..HOW WOULD YOU LIKE THAT ON YOUR LAWN?

This kind of behavior is what makes ticket prices go up as venue owners and festival organizers are forced to pay clean up crews to come and perform their services. TRUST ME this festival just went up in price by at least 50 dollars next year (if they even continue it). What makes matter worse there were PLENTY of trash receptacles provided for patrons MANY LEFT EMPTY!

Folks I’m NOT here to say Kenny Chesney fans are unruly slobs or Rap Music is foul and filthy I’m here to simply ask you to PLEASE BE COURTEOUS to others! Don’t bring your concealed weapons or fireworks to festivals most of them have armed security for our safety. DO BE CAREFUL of people walking on the lawn areas while driving at night and PLEASE be helpful to handicapped patrons.

We can sit on the couch and complain about how shitty music is destroying “the scene” or “our music” or whatever YOU choose to call it or choose to like but the fact of the matter is if we don’t RESPECT each other and ANY TYPE of music festival it SHALL INDEED be gone..it WILL disappear. And I for one don’t want that, I honestly and with all my spirit LOVE to attend live music festivals. I WANT THEM to profit and make a few bucks off ME as a consumer, and as a FRIEND! I WANT the bands to make a living and be able to feed their family on MY contributions to their profession and it will not maintain that possibility if WE do not take a few moments to clean up trash.

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