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As if 2021 wasn’t HOT enough? I’m over here at my office with over 400 emails, and 275 festival lineups to elaborate on. I have venues from almost every state in America, and news from hundreds of bands. AND HEY, let’s not forget all of these HOT new releases!

My email inbox is just absolutely brimming over with news and new releases. Everywhere I turn, I see my friends at shows and festivals. My wonderful friends at Railbird Festival have announced their 2021 dates.

I had this one planned for 2020, before all of the chaos and craziness ensued last year. With everything ramping slowly up again, we once again come to announce this wonderful event. I for one love this festival simply for the fact that they bring so much revenue to their community. One needs to remember ALL of the different businesses that benefit from a large music event..gas stations, hotels and stores like Dollar General all come out ahead when people have fun.

I currently have over 275 festivals I cover, and update the information weekly for them all. It’s a good way to find new bands to enjoy with all of this research and reporting. And YOU can find some new bands to enjoy by going to the event and TRULY stimulate the economy by supporting YOUR favorite lineup!

New Festival Dates Announced

We’re excited to confirm that Railbird Festival will be returning this year but with new dates! Mark your calendars for Saturday, August 28th and Sunday, August 29th, 2021.

If you decided to hold onto your ticket from last year, be on the lookout for an email from Front Gate Tickets regarding your order and how to request a refund if you can’t attend the new dates.

Pre-Sale Tickets Available Now
Ready to get a head start on your festival plans? Take advantage of our Pre-Sale starting today while supplies last!

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