The Spillway Bar And Grill and Outlaw Magazine is throwing ONE HELL
of a party here in Bowling Green!
Also sponsoring this show is YOURS TRULY and my good friend Kenneth Marr
and The Moonshine Sauce Company.

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Right now “The Hosscat”Stephen Hatcher is up doing a REAL
nice set!
He is one of the members of the rock band Sinners And Saints and plays guitar
for them.

He opened his set with a song I didn’t catch the name of and his second one
was ‘Further Down”. He has a very Country influenced writing style.
And you can easily see that in his song “Good Goodbeye” and another well
written song “Not ready To Get Over You”.

He sang songs about America and his wife and I caught one called
‘Only Want To Be With You” and another called “Devil Aint No Friend Of mine’.

Right now he’s playing a Waylon song with a Blues twist. He is playing
“Ramblin Man” really different.
And is now doing his last song ‘Gotta Get Drunk” and will turn the stage
over to Chris Moondog Hall.

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He started out with my favorite “Better Than That”. What a good song!
And his second song was called “Land Of make Believe”.

He too, has a really unique style all his own.
His version of Coe’s “The Ride” is also enjoyable.
And Kentucky Johnny is watching me work…and I had a beer with him.

I’m surrounded by people I love to see and neon lights..I AM in my
happy place. “What if?” Moondog keeps on playing all night!
GREAT slow song called ‘Blue In Kentucky”.
Man I’m having SUCH A GOOD TIME in here!

Another favorite song was “What Happened To The Songs”.
Right now he’s playing “Change The Sheets”.
And me and Mr. Kurt are listening to him play “Breckenridge County”.

We are about to Welcome Cley Reynolds to the stage after he does
his two songs available only on download.
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Of course he opened with ‘Hurricane” and now is playing
“Magnolia”. I LOVE his style and how he plays that guitar.

Right now he’s doing one of his father’s songs.
His father was Billy Ray Reynolds and to me he was the whole
reason Waylon sounded like Waylon.

Covering ‘Dang Me” by Roger Miller and “Sixteen Tons” by Merle Travis
made popular by Tennessee Ernie Ford.
“Cool Water” is what are currently hearing Mr. Cley play right now.

I can’t understand WHY people wouldn’t come out to a FREE songwriter
show like this but they pay 100 dollars for one song they heard on
the radio! It’s totally lacking of culture and sense!
There was A LOT of talent up there tonight!

He’s playing “I Still Miss Someone”. And Marty Robbins were having
such a wonderful time out here and HELL I’m on vacation.
Listening to him play a Jackson Browne song.

They are closing the place and we are STILL HERE listening to Mr. Cley
play “Dreaming My Dreams With You”.
Now the song “Dancing To The Sound Of The World Burning Down”.

Moondog is telling us another great story about Wayne Mills and him
doing a co-write of a song called “Road To Sanity”.
He played it on Mr. Cley’s guitar but it is a NICE song!

“I’ll Be There When They Burn The Last Honky Tonk Down”..bye guys.

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