Blue Heron 3

Our Summer 2021 Plans-

We know that this is probably not the news you want to hear today, but we will NOT be having The Great Blue Heron Music Festival again this year. This would have ben our 30th year, so we are very sad about this and we’re sure you are disappointed, too. 

With COVID restrictions still in place and no idea when they will be lifted, we view this as the smartest and safest direction for 2021. We know this will be a huge disappointment for many, but hope you will understand that we see it as the best path for us with so many unknowns.

The GOOD NEWS is that we ARE starting to figure out how to offer music and family fun all summer long for you!

Last summer we opened The Heron Campground and welcomed many of you for camping, music, socially distanced activities, and our new “Taste of Heron” food series. In December, Hipcamp recognized us as #1 Tent Campground IN THE USA!!! and Best Overall in NYS!!! We also earned Airbnb SuperHost status!!  We are proud of all the quick changes we made to survive 2020. We are extremely thankful to our staff and all of you that supported us and made this possible.

So we ask for your patience for another month or so, while we figure out our 2021 schedule for enjoying the land, live music, wonderful food from our farm, and EACH OTHER here at The Heron! Keep your eyes on our social media pages for updates!

P.S. In the near future we will communicate with patrons who told us they wanted to hold their 2020 GBH tickets. 


Over here at Gary Hayes Country, we ardently follow over 275 small do it yourself festivals and bigger corporate ones as well. I currently have a huge list of festivals that are ongoing, and ones that cancel. You can read the article HERE, and it is updated every other day.

Many of the articles from the ones that cancel, have their own announcements in the form of solo articles. I am currently working on one coinciding with this one as Fresh Grass WILL INDEED transpire as of now.

This would have been their 30th anniversary, and as with many of these festivals this pandemic is tearing apart many of the huge milestones each of these festivals have faced.  So just because we cannot physically be at our favorite festival, to partake in those special moments with our festival families.

I honestly do not know how life is going to unfold, or when outdoor events will ever begin to happen again? When will you, my reader, have the ability to go to your favorite festival so you can see your favorite band. When will I be able to return back to work covering all of my favorite bands from behind the scenes.

Until that tines comes around, what we will continue to do on here, is to report on as many of these festivals that we can. The list will continue to be a large compilation of festivals that are both cancelling and still ongoing.

So please excuse me while I go back to working on these festivals for you!

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