One of the most active series in the local music scene is The Last Honky Tonk Music Series.
I have done a lot of coverage for them in the past and I have been following them
as quite a few of them are going ALL OVER the United States bringing acoustic music
to places that would normally not have such an array of talent.

It still features Brigitte London and now it has begun to feature
Seth Turner is making his debut Texas run with the Series, starting with Bad “S” Icehouse.
Christopher Corkery has done a bunch of shows and the
huge amount of shows I see pouring into so many locations makes it easy for
a more wider audience to attend…and a reporter hard to follow totally.
But I been doing JUST THAT!

Dallas Moore has been doing several shows all over the place for the series as well.
And I have other news about him in later articles.
Announcements will be coming shortly involving our 2015 plans, new artist & venue additions,
new web site features & apps), live streaming, TV pilot, community plans, a Last Honkytonk Music
Series radio station (yes!) & more.

This series has introduced my ears and my heart to people like Hal Bruni and to be able to
become better aquainted with the music of Jill Kinsey.
You have got a fantastic duo I have reported on before 2 Country 4 Nashville that does a WONDERFUL JOB to entertain
people with classic country music.

Some of them are on a west coast jaunt and some of them are in Ohio..they are all over the place
in memory of our friend Wayne Mills who helped come up with the idea of the national series.
Honestly if I tagged ALL the venues involved in ALL the places I’m seeing it would
take me a month to write one article…it’s THAT BIG!
They just announced several new venues all over the place.

Also the first week of June 2015 (June 1st- June 7th) there will be a bus tour!
This will feature ALL of the Last Honky Tonk Series artists going from Morgan City
Louisiana and ending in Clarksville Ohio. Along the way there will be several stops
at participating venues on EVERY NIGHT along the way. This will be filmed LIVE and streamed
online so everyone can watch the music. MORE DETAILS BELOW!

I’m not sure how I will be able to be involved with this event schedule wise BUT I PROMISE
I will have some coverage of this event.
Dec 28th Win Place Or Show Cincinnati, Ohio
Dec 28th The Hunt Store Hunt, Tx
Dec 28th Garage On Back Salt Lake City, Utah
Dec 28 Garage On Beck Salt Lake City, Ut
Dec 30th Rusty Nail Miamisville Ohio
Jan 3rd The Drink House Morgan City, La
Jan 9th Backyard Grill Clarksville, Ohio
Jan 10th Pivo’s Ice House Fayeteville,Tx
Jan 16th The Outpost Armington,Il
Jan 24th Cigar Club Lake Charles,LA
Feb 7th Uncle Stewey’s Roadhouse Spring Valley,Il
Feb 12th Jay’s Sports Columbus, Ohio
Feb 13th Rusty Nail Madisonville, Ohio
Feb 13th Drink House Morgan City,La
Feb 14th Backyard Grill Clarksville, Ohio
Feb 19th Jay’s Sports Columbus, Ohio
Feb 20th Backyard Grill Clarksville, Ohio
Feb 20th Jay’s Sports Columbus, Ohio
Feb 27th Backyard Grill Columbus, Ohio
Mar 6th Jay’s Sports Columbus, Ohio
Mar 7th Backyard Grill Clarkville, Ohio
Mar 21st Backyard Grill Clarksville, Ohio

Ok FOLKS now I want to tell you about March 21st 2015.
THIS WILL be the one year anniversary that we had the nation launch at Bobby Mackey’s!
And several venues from ALL OVER the United States will stream their performances
I think it will be an online music festival so to speak!

My friend from the Louisville area CJ Cumberland producer of Crescent Hill Radio
(You can link to his website on the sidebar) features many of the artists
on his internet radio shows weekly.

Beginning January of 2015 they will be featuring none other than Ray Lawrence Jr. and I’ll be telling you more about that in the future.

The Last Honky Tonk Train To Clarksville:
A weeklong historic event featuring multiple LHTMS artists beginning in Morgan City LA at The
Drink House and ending at Friends-Backyard Grill in Clarksville OH. A filmed event, this will
feature a bus tour and CARAVAN of music lovers from around the USA, LHTMS venue vehicles,
Sponsors and more, with LHTMS artists traveling and performing shows Mon, Tues, Wed, Thurs,
Friday and Saturday night at Official LHTMS venues. From motorcycle runs, special appearances,
honky tonk shenanigans, radio & LIVE STREAMING, along with SO MUCH MORE, this historic event
will be one to not miss!! Details on this event will be revealed in the days to come.
Be part of history, enjoy the music, live for the times. ***Several special stops scheduled
between shows.
NEWS NEWS NEWS On the Last Honky Tonk Train To Clarksville: This historic event will begin
Monday June 1st thru June 8th (w/ a possible pre-kickoff party/event/hooplah in Texas).
We will launch the “Train” (Buses, vehicles, bikers, sponsors, etc) in Morgan City.
Outline is as follows: Morgan City, New Orleans, Florabama, Alabama, TN, KY, OH.
On the dispersal back to Morgan City from Clarksville, Ohio , there will be ONE stop in Missouri
for an overnight camp/picking circle. The entire experience will be filmed by 3 separate
film companies for documentary/streaming. A set schedule of Live events will be determined
by January 15th. Variables (special appearances, promo stops, etc) will be added and confirmed by March 15).
We will sell bus tickets for whole and half-trip. An open invitation will be extended to anyone in the
general public who wants to bring their own vehicle and join the caravan.

If you are an artist who would like to participate in the Train, please contact me via phone text
& I will explain how the shows will work. We will be live streaming at least 3 of the show events.
The kickoff at The Drink House in Morgan City, Jay’s Sports Lounge in Columbus on Sat June 6 and the
finale at Friends in Clarksville. We would like to live stream all of the shows & we’ll be working with
the venues to make this happen. A more detailed explanation of the event, along with an official Press Release,
will be issued in January. This event will get Nationwide publicity in a big way. The opportunity to share with the world the music of all our artists, promote live music, the venues, community, raise money for local charities, spread the legacy of Wayne Mills, will be unlimited. We can work together to make this the Woodstock of our generation, except let’s encompass our goals even broader for the sake of live music and Independent Artistry. Please “click going” on the event, even if you’re not sure if you can make any of the shows or the whole trip – as this event will help ALL of our VENUES, ARTISTS and SPONSORS.

Now A LOT of venue owners read my website on a regular basis and might wonder WHO to text..send me a personal
message and I’ll get in touch with the correct people.
I’ll be looking into more sponsorship of this event and how I can participate. For now I will continue
to include ALL the news I find on this series.

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