Well folks here I am in the middle of May with my spring festival work half finished, but I’m sure none of you mind. I have been all over the mid west already ┬átraveling to many shows and festivals this year. It’s been so much fun let me tell you folks. So now finally this year I’m down here in Nashville Tennessee for the third annual Nashville Boogie Rockabilly Weekend brought to us by Muddy Roots.

Hillbilly Casino kicked off my weekend for me, I had to opt out of the first two days of this one folks but I’ll do my best to cover what I can of the remainder of this festival. I recently talked with bassist Geoff Firebaugh and got some information on their all new forthcoming album,which will be entitled “Red White And Bruised”.

This new album will be available July 14th and will contain thirteen songs that were recorded in Tennessee. In this article I shall allow you to see their new song and what those song titles are:

How Do You Think
Jibber Jabber
She’s Got Tricks
It’s Not Me
Toss Turn Roll
When She Kissed Me
Dog On A Chain
More Blues Than Green
Give It All Up

Now folks I did get to see their first set here tonight as they displayed some of their new songs for us last night. After opening with Crutchero guitar solo work they began with an old favorite “Debt With The Devil” and followed that with ‘You Got Me”.

This video is from their new song called “Trainwreck” that will be on the new album as well as some other new ones they played last night like “Give It All Up”. More of the songs they unleashed upon us last night were “Lowdown” and “More Blues Than Green”.

They played one of my favorite songs called “The Hole” before moving into a skit involving the Nashville Boogie man then which they played one called “Cmon Everybody”. They then went on into more new songs called “How Do You Think” and another called ‘Trainwreck”.

The last of the two new ones they played was called “Dog On A Chain’ before closing with some old recognizable favorites like “Violets In May” and “Knocking At Your Door”. ‘She’s Got Tricks” was another good new song they played before closing their set with “Tennessee Stomp”.

I’m very anxious to see what and who I can run into down there today so I’m about to go down there pretty early and have fun, I need to get some coffee and breakfast into these old bones before any music today. So let’s see what will be happening next.

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