DALLAS, TX (June 7, 2019) — “Here we are again, for the first time”: It may be a strange statement from a band that has been delighting audiences with its unique take on Western Swing music for 15 years and counting. However, it’s the perfect way for Dallas’ The Quebe Sisters to approach their fourth release, a self-titled album that is due out September 20th.

The five-piece, centered around real-life sisters Grace, Sophia, and Hulda Quebe, is already well-loved for its glowing sibling harmonies and authentic Americana influences, but the group is never afraid of branching out and building on its roots. “This album represents a new phase of our band and the start of a new direction for us,” the sisters explain.

“In a lot of ways, the process of making this album felt like starting over; deconstructing what we knew about music and then trying to put it back together again. That’s the primary reason why we felt a self-titled album would be appropriate.”

The set was recorded at Texas Treefort Studio, which the band terms “the best kept secret in all of Austin.” The studio features Jim Vollentine at the helm where the group went for a self-production route in order to deeply explore their synergy.

“It was a holistic process, involving everyone in the band,” they relate. “We’ve never arranged and recorded so collaboratively before, so it’s very rewarding to hear everyone’s musical fingerprint in the final sound.”

Fans of the Quebes’ previous three albums will doubtlessly appreciate the new directions they chose for this collection. In addition to including original compositions for the very first time–Sophia, Grace, and bass player Daniel Parr put their pens to three of the 10 songs–the trio chose to branch out from its signature triple fiddles and three-part harmony vocals to spotlight individual solos, showing off each member’s strengths.

While taking pioneering steps in that direction, the band worked at the same time to preserve its traditional vibes. In order to create an inviting audio experience, the band recorded together in one room, using vintage gear for a warm and classic sound. They also selected a range of covers perfectly suited to progression — from Jesse Harris’ “Always Seem to Get Things Wrong” to Willie Nelson’s “Summer of Roses.” The overall result is a collection of songs simultaneously strong and wistful; peacefully blending new and old waves.

“This album came from the curation of our inspirations,” note the Quebes. “We looked at all the styles that we play, and found a single performance that embodied the essence of everything we loved about that style. Then we dug into the mood and feel of those performances, and used them as reference points for how we played the album.”

The Quebe Sisters have toured North America, Europe, and Russia over the past decade and a half, and will be bringing their efforts to a national stage later this year in support of the new album.

For more information and tour dates, please visit For more information and tour dates, please visit www.quebesisters.com

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