I would like to take some time out today to give a HUGE pat on the back to the Westport Saloon for their 3 year anniversary celebration on August 31st 2016. I want to tell you ALL of my friends I hang around in the music business have been here at one time or another. Heck they posted pictures of Shooter and Miss Misty eating dinner there with all the kids not long ago.

Mr. Travis Fields has been a good friend to me ever since we met at Muddy Roots a while back, and this year he BETTER bring the family over to the hotel to swim in the pool with my crew. This past spring he and his crew invited me and my crew to the Westport Roots Festival and Miss Kristie and I were treated like true family there. The only thing I missed was getting a Chiefs T shirt but that gives me a reason to mosey on back there. In fact I WAS contacted by Mr. Jody from Middle Class Records to be a presence in next year’s Westport Roots event so you WILL SEE ME THERE.

For many years now this venue has provided a safe place for traveling bands to stay the night for free and a place for them to perform at the saloon and all the surrounding bars. It stands stalwart in the middle of the Country and represents Roots music in a friendly fashion for everyone to enjoy. As you pass through on your way to the east or west coast it is a place to rest and enjoy music of all genres, and a great place to buy stuff from the bands!

Lagunita’s Presents the Westport Saloon’s 3 year anniversary on August 31st 2016 and will feature three great bands for FREE! Folks you MUST GO and try the delicious food there in the Westport district of Kansas City. It is scenic with so much to do and see there.  Happy Hour starts at 4pm(The Brand new tasty and delicious Catfish Dinner from Eat Me Gourmet available at 6pm – get it while it’s here!!!!)

Oh MAN the food in that area was absolutely amazing we couldn’t stop eating food down there, I don’t drink a whole lot while working but I did have a shot of the Four Roses Bourbon in the green room. Here is the lineup for the evening:

Grassfed at 9pm

Carrie Nation and The Speakeasy at 10:30pm

Slim Cessna’s Auto Club at midnight!!!!!

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