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Man I gotta tell you when I heard this I HAD to whip up this piece really fast for these two old friends of mine.  Mr. Jayke Orvis and Mr. Joseph Huber, whom both helped open my own floodgates to MANY more bands of so many genres. THIS to me is so personal, and I have a strong appetency  for these old classics.

I want to say this outright to these two guys and to all of you. Bands like this one MADE ME into the intense journalist I am, and they are my core of being.  Sam Bush, Old 97’s, Dale Watson, Jason And The Scorchers..and these guys.  They are always very welcoming and accept EVERYONE into their crowd.

Also, on a personal level I was adopted and raised in Milwaukee Wisconsin where they came from. I didn’t know them but possibly could have been around them, as I’m 50. When I left in 1996 to come to Nashville to pursue a songwriting career, they came around.

They had no designated front man, and they blazed through local bars with their own style of Bluegrass or Streetgrass…or WHATEVER the fuck you want to call it…I haven’t been THIS excited for anything in a while. For me to make an article about a live stream is unheard of…but so was this ( I thought ).

The .357 String Band has released three albums  that turned me onto an entirely whole new world of bands and artists, 2006’s Ghost Town, featuring performances by Lonesome Wyatt from Those Poor Bastards, Rebecca Manthe from the Tossers, as well as co-production from JD Wilkes of Th’ Legendary Shack*Shakers. Th’ Legendary Shack Shakers were another band that inspired me as well..and in my opinion Col. J.D. Wilkes is a Legend.

2008’s Fire & Hail is one of local music’s most iconic and important albums and that one  features performances by Andy Gibson of Hank III’s Damn Band, and performances by Donnie Herron of BR549. I’m going to tell you what folks, Mr. Andy Gibson produced some DAMN FINE albums in my time.

2010’s Lightning From The North, also recorded by and featuring performances by Andy Gibson. Right around 2011 they disbanded and went about their separate ways, be that good or bad. Because each one of them have blessed us with some DAMN FINE solo music, and Mr. Jayke’s contributions to the Goddamn Gallows is beloved by me and many others.

PLEASE join me on the LIVESTREAM and let’s donate a TON of money for them to live through this virus crap, and return to life. Here’s how YOU can see this tonight:

Hey everyone…Jayke and I will be playing at a a safe distance from each other while attempting to bring you all some sweet temporary relief with some olden .357 songs. It’ll be my first time playing some of these songs in a decade. Join us if you’d like at 5pm central from…I believe either of our music fb pages (not the .357 site). Be safe out there WI voters and all you good people!

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