THAT TIME of year again Labor Day Weekend, and you know what that means. It’s the tenth annual MUDDY ROOTS FESTIVAL in Cookeville Tennessee. Ill be catching up with the many bands here this weekend including this band called Viva Le Vox.

We haven’t heard any new music from these three in several years ,but they still have burning up the roads and keeping the dive bars alive. This article has videos and news on their performance. Mr. Tony Bones on vocals, Mr. Scarecrow on bass and Mr. Johnny Tugboat on drums make up this Florida based punk influenced blues band.

The band went through some brief lineup çhanges before moving their base of operations to North Carolina, and having original bass player Mr. Scarecrow Jenkins rejoin the band. We then got the 2016 release of the album called The Fall Of Skivvy Starzo, and im anxious to see how the direction of their music has changed in these two years.

They will be performing their new album called Desperation Alley in it’s entirety at Muddy Roots this year, and they will also be performing for the Muddy Roots Southern Gothic festival in Adams Tennessee. We will be trying to catch up with the band



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