So as most of you know I always like to pop in and keep up with artists in my area and this march good ol’ Shooter Jennings is coming to my area for a show with the Waymore’s Outlaws. If you will remember last year I covered his show in Clarksville Tn, this time I’ll be in Dickson Tn at The Wanted Saloon II. This will be a fantastic show as always and I’ll be covering the event as LIVE as I’m able to, if they can hook me up with Wi fi I can write as Shooter performs but if not I can work off notes.


He and BCR crew has always been more than kind to me and my website so as always I will be supporting his show this spring. I tell you this the picture might change but Colonel Jon Hensley will ALWAYS be up on the sidebar there as long as I operate. NOBODY will ever pay me enough to replace his picture with an add. Now you can mosey on over to his website and order the newest 2015 BCR Mixtape which is the second edition of this project, and you can pre-order his NEW ALBUM called “Countach” on limited edition pink vinyl and it will ship in March. It will be available on Feb 26th and all other formats March 11th.

Track list:
3.From Here to Eternity
4.I’m Left You’re Right She’s Gone
5.Born to Die (featuring Steve Young)
6.Chase (featuring Richard Garriott de Cayeux)
7.Love Kills
8.The Neverending Story (featuring Brandi Carlile)
9.Cat People (featuring Marilyn Manson)

I’ll be honest I noticed this album will even be available on an 8 Track tape! The seventh studio album from Shooter has already been highly talked about on many websites and trust me no matter WHAT it sounds like I am excited to hear it. here’s a little piece from the BCR website about it:

In 2014 Shooter Released ‘Don’t Wait Up (for George)’, an EP paying tribute to George Jones, and at the same time announced ‘Countach’ his album comprised of songs composed or inspired by production pioneer Giorgio Moroder. But this is no tribute album. ‘Countach’ is a sound-collage-stye journey through 80’s and 90’s culture, innovative songwriting, genre-bending fiddle-meets-synthesizer soundscapes and a shrine to pioneers of books, bytes and beats. Printed on pink vinyl, ‘Countach’ features guest appearances from modern folk songstress Brandi Carlile, Antichrist Superstar Marilyn Manson, country-rock pioneer Steve Young and even Lord British himself, computer game leviathan Richard Garriott.

Also included in this article are the current show dates for him and the Waymore’s Outlaws, which like I said I’ll be catching possibly two shows on this leg of tour. I might take a few days off to go to the Louisville show too, we shall see how it pans out I have a LOT of time invested in festivals already. Sadly, I have NO information right now about Goose on The Lake for 2016 which stinks because it’s literally a half hour from my house.


If you remember his release of his father’s LIVE album made the NUMBER TWO SPOT on my TOP 50 Albums Of 2015and I am telling you GO PICK UP a copy of that Waylon LIVE Volume Two album. That was released on the second Record Store Day last year, we went and rounded up all the copies we could find.  So now that you know what’s all going on go on out and catch one of his shows and pick up some stuff at the merchandise table!

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