It’s that time of year when the seasons are changing and we’re getting pumped for winter! Buy your tickets for the 2020 WinterWonderGrass of your choice.

See you in the Mountains!

Barn At Steambat
Feb 21-23, 2020

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Tram at Squaw
March 27-29, 2020

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Clock Tower Stratton
April 10-11, 2020

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Caravan to WonderGrass
We celebrate the journey as much as the destination! Every season the WWG team hosts free local “Pop-Up” shows correlating with the announcement of each festival line-up.

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Coast to Coast
Join us in multiple WWG locations across the country. Coast to Coast friends receive pop up perks at all locations! Save up to 10% on these passes.

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One of the festivals I have always supported is Winterwondergrass, and beginning in February it’s one of the earlier festivals that begin first.  As time moves on here, I’ll be adding more information on these three festivals, and as many videos we can find.

We aim to cultivate and nurture the relationship between nature, authentic music, and communal family, creating a vehicle for inspiration. When we come together with open hearts and open minds, bringing all of our differences and unique opinions, we begin to dissolve the illusion of separation from one another. Our intention is to create a platform for artists, vendors, attendees, and our planet to unite as one – connecting the tribe.


WinterWonderGrass began in 2013 as a tiny, homegrown music festival in a parking lot in Edwards and is now returning for its seventh year in 2019 at its new home in Steamboat Springs, with sister festivals in Lake Tahoe, California, and Stratton, Vermont. The trifecta that founder Scotty Stoughton and his team have created over the past seven years is not only tremendously impressive but is also a blessing for bluegrass and string music fans across the nation. Stoughton and crew are also the faces behind Campout for the Cause, and though they’re not strangers on how to carefully curate a near-perfect festival, the WinterWonderGrasses are officially in a league of their own.” – 303 MAGAZINE


Performing live music, for us, is a conversation with the audience. it’s a relationship between the musicians and the listeners built on energy and trust. WinterWonderGrass makes that exchange so much more profound by changing the playing field. Something about enduring the cold, being in the elements together, and raging thru [sic] snowfall makes the reward so much greater for both parties.” – Paul Hoffman (Greensky Bluegrass)

“This festival really hits home for me coming from the North. There’s something about fully embracing the great outdoors in all it’s magnificence that gives the music a vivid glow like you’ve never experienced it before.– Lindsay Lou


At the heart of all his endeavors, Scotty Stoughton is an artist. He lives and breathes music and the world that holds its sound waves. Onstage performing with Bonfire Dub or behind the scenes producing his many festivals and events, including WinterWonderGrass and Campout for the Cause, Stoughton values music as more than a platform where rhythm meets beat.

For him, it’s an expression that sets the stage for a life worth living, a vision worth having and a dream worth creating. Bonfire Entertainment puts a spotlight on community and interpersonal connection, as well as the overall impact we have on the environment. Stoughton finds solace and inspiration in the natural world, especially on the water, and is the co-founder of Stand Up Paddle Colorado. His support of international non-profit organizations, along with local involvement through community events, always keeps his hands moving quickly without ever losing the beat.


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