Sep 022014


Now where was I?
OH YES the rains came and they came full force, much like in 2011 when Joseph Huber
was on stage 1 and played “Flood’s A Comin” and it rained.
I stayed my butt in tent 2 and watched it rain, for several hours it downpoured
and the mud crept into the tent slowly.

The rivers appeared along the sides of the main hill that is vendor alley.
One of the volunteers on a tractor was working all night pulling people out
of muddy ditches and helping out festival goers.


While I waited for my next band I was wanting to get see The Glade City Rounders.
Now I want to say this, when I researched these guys I was impressed because
of their singer and banjo player Squirrel.
Richard McLain holds true to the style and antics of whom I consider Country Music’s
first superstar..Uncle Dave Macon.

You know a lot of people argue with me and say Hank Williams (who actually was
the first to bring it to the mainstream public) I’ll agree. Or they say Roy Acuff
but In my opinion it was Uncle Dave Macon who was the Opry’s first star and our
first person to shine in the spotlight before TV even came about.

I LOVE to study people from the Opry’s beginning like Edwin Craig who actually used
his money to FUND the idea George D Hay had of the Opry.
I study people like Humphrey Bates (who I mentioned earlier) and Uncle Jimmy Thompson
who was the first person on the Opry.

The Glade City Rounders are a real deal folks, these guys just flat out rock the old timey
classic look and sound. It is natural to can see it and hear it.
These guys were not barefoot because of the mud.

“They’re After Me” was a song that’s on their sampler CD and Mr. Jason sent it
to me in the mail some time ago in a package.
Now THIS really grabbed me they played an old time fiddle tune called “Grey Eagle”
and the moment I heard it I though of Am Stewart who was born Ambrose Gaines from
THE VERY ERA I am studying about!

Folks there is SO MUCH HISTORY in this bands being on this planet and they NEED to
be known about! This Appalachian history and how it all pieces together is so

“I don’t Love Nobody But Me” was next and they played a really fun toe-tapper
called “Tickle Britches” that I really enjoy and I’m actually sad it wasn’t
included on that sampler CD.

“Can’t Get That Stuff Nomore” was another good song and they also included a
jug in their band. Which is one of the reason I love Leroy Troy so much, and I
can tell they are influenced by the same people.

“Blues In A Bottle” and “In The Jailhouse” concluded their set..NOT
The “In The Jailhouse NOW” made popular by so many, dont get those two

I stayed in the stage 2 tent and waited for them to bring on the next artist I REALLY
ALSO was looking forward to seeing Sweet GA Brown.
This man and I talked on Facebook and we got along GREAT and also
we have the same first and middle names.


It RAINED and it rained but inside stage 2 I was about to embark on my
ABSOLUTE FIND of the weekend songwise…I Broke Wahoo’s Leg
which is on his CD and included in his set.

I had been wanting to finally meet his drummer Dave Dowda we talked alot too
and it was pleasure meeting him and his family. What a wonderful man he is
passionate LOVE of records (like me) and just a downright talented guy.

The power kept going out throughout the night and slowly all three stages
eventually fell behind schedule and it was NOBODY’S FAULT.
Muddy Roots did a doggone fine job of getting the music heard even though
I did miss The Shack Shakers..I’ll explain that later.

“Aint Goin Out Like That” and “1 Dollar 2 Dollar” were great tunes and
I was held down tight by this man’s creativity and straight forward
in your face blunt attitude.
It’s for certain this guy is for real, and he’s coming to kick some ass.

“I Digress” and “Brown Out” were some more pretty good tunes he played
along with “The Legend Of Sweet Georgia Brown”

But the SONG OF THE WEEKEND the one most WELL WRITTEN and creative song
I heard ALL WEEKEND was this one and I’ll post the video for it.
“I Broke Wahoo’s Leg” was absolutely a foot stomping Outlaw Anthem
that couldn’t get any more “I’ll kick your ass” than it does.

The place was screaming so loud that I wasn’t able to hear
“My Baby Smells Like Weed” go enough and I wished it was on his CD.
HINT HINT Buddy…record it and I’ll buy it.

“Wordsmith” was another GOOD song that is the title of his CD and
I had it on repeat along with a few of his other songs on the CD.

James Hunnicutt’s set was cut a little short and I’m going to see
him tonight and I will report on his set in Day 2 Part 3.

Sep 022014


I need to tattle on Mother Nature to Mr. Jason..she came and did not
pay to get in!
Did I come prepared for the rains? YES. I brought 5 chairs and 2 rainsuits
and boots and SOCKS, LOTS of dry socks. And my feet STILL got sores and swollen
form three days of walking and being wet.
I had over 100 pages of notes when I was done Sunday and keeping them dry was
REAL hard but I managed to somehow do it.

I got there around noon on Saturday and it was dry still however the weather
was looming in the distance and quickly coming!
I was WELL fed from the free spread the hotel puts out and WELL rested
from around twelve hours of sleep.
I was really sorry I missed The Tillers and Pokey LaFarge, however I had to
make rational decisions and take care of ME first..I’m just getting over
being sick. And when I get sick it’s NOT sniffles I get SICK!
All that weekend I did not drink any beers cause of the heat and weather
and the fact I had to drive.

So my first band I had on my agenda was Tilford Sellers And The Wagon Burners.
I had previously missed their set when they opened for Sarah Gayle Meech
at The Spillway in Kentucky.


His album was on my “To Purchase” agenda for sure.
He has a three piece band and his steel guitarist is
a powerhouse on the damn thing. However I’m not sure if the same
guitarist he had with him was the one from his album and I had his name
wrote down and it got lost amongst my jumble of information.
ALL WEEKEND I got to hear some GREAT steel pickers, MAN!
He opened his set with “Give It Up” and another good Honky Tonk tune
“If You Got The Time”.
I was really enjoying his set as this Indiana native was performing some GREAT
Country Music with us, I’d travel to see this man..I really would.

“Taking All My Kisses” has a really good steel guitar intro
and I am STILL enjoying his album in my player now!
That song was on repeat for quite some time.

“Get Ready” is an uptempo song that I also enjoy and he played
“Heart Broken Baby” and a Buck Owens cover “Truck Drivin Man”.
That song was cut first by Terry Fell in 1954 or 55. Buck Owens was
in his band “The Fellers” and in 1965 he cut the song with the Buckaroos.
I think Terry Fell got into some legal issues over the “Fellers” name
and had to stop using it…I’m not sure I’m 100 percent correct on that.

He played one called “Tn Moon” and one I didn’t catch the name of
it was possibly “Oklahoma Baby”?
It was a pretty damn good swing song if I remember correctly.

He closed his set with ‘Two Timing Momma”.
And I want to touch on one thing about his album “Heartaches, Lies and Cheating Songs”.
There is a short steel guitar instrumental called “Sippy’s Lament” that
was REALLY good.

I hung out sidestage and talked with him and got to finally meet him
and wished I would have got to chat with his steel picker but I’ll
keep that in mind for another time later.
I’ll be SURE to catch their show in the future.


ANOTHER band I wanted to become more familiar with I never had
a chance to see yet was a string band from Michigan.
Rickett Pass was a pretty damn good set!

They were a really nice bunch of guys and their mandolin player
actually took my picture with Tilford Sellers.
How many musicians would actually do that for you and another musician?

“As Fast As You Can” was their set opener and it was a good choice for
an opener in my opinion. They are a pretty good fast paced high energy
string band.
“Not My Fault” and “Hold On” we both next and the fourth one was a new song,
I didnt recognize it or catch the name.
In their defense they did announce the name but I was visiting with somebody
If I’m not mistaken.

“Let It Ride” was next and then they got Buck Thrailkill up for some playing.
I ALWAYS ENJOY Buck Thrialkill both as a person and on stage preforming.
I did not catch the last songs of the set cause I began having some really
goofy camera problems. I remember hearing “Can’t Scare Me”, all together it was a
really enjoyable set. Good choice in songs I was well pleased with their

Then I headed to stage 2 and stayed there most of the night for two reasons
1: My bands I wanted were all in stages 2 or 3
2: It rained…hard…
I think that may have been the root of my camera problem and from then on
it was “hit or miss” with my electronic equipment.
You GOT TO remember THIS festival isn’t high fillutin with Wi Fi and cell phone
signals! This is ALL DIY and out in the sticks. I did ALL THIS reporting with
these ancient tools called pen and paper.

Mother Nature came to Muddy Roots. And I’ll tell you all about her in just a few!