Mar 052018

I mean WHAT CAN I SAY here folks, let’s shoot back to the beginning of this very website here. MY IDEAS began brewing in 2007 when this “Roots Music” began to fester from the depths of social media AKA the almighty MYSPACE. I can remember many many sleepless nights of sitting on my fat butt consuming 16oz cans of Pabst while discovering Bob Wayne, Honky Tonk Hustlas, and THESE GUYS…

In their own way they are Legends in this sort of music here, and have stood their test of time some ten years later. Mr. Soda Gardocki, Mr. Husky and them Ditchrunners have all been leaders in this scene of music, and now they play many more festivals than just the original one..Muddy Roots.

Part of my video from below is in the dark but that’s my point even in the storms THIS BAND blows your mind, it also features Miss Caroline his wife on bass, and Mr. Puppy on drums there. You can kind of get a slight taste of what you’ll have on stage there.TRUST ME you will NOT be upset.

I have many, many memories of watching Mr. Husky drop the blues bomb on unsuspecting souls for years. To people that don’t know him he may look innocent until he straps that guitar on and strikes the first chord. I’m REALLY GLAD to hear from him, and the fact he decided to include songs from his earlier albums. Because “Hog Jaw” and “Black Snake Boogie” are classic Husky. So HERE is his official statement he wanted me to release for him:


Back on the road this month and couldn’t be happier about it. I’ve acquired a new fire by bringing back a lot of the old tunes from the first two albums. Folks have been asking for them so they’re back in the set every night and sounding better than ever! I also have some brand new songs in the set that are from the upcoming split release, Whiskey Trippin’. Zach “Puppy” Babbe(Soda Gardocki) will be on drums for the first leg and Derrick Maddox(The Ditchrunners) for the second leg. Super excited to have both of these amazing drummers as part of the family on the road this Spring! Help spread the word and we’ll see y’all out there. As always, thanks for the continued support!


Spring Shocker Tour Dates


3/07 Nashville Palace, Nashville, TN

3/09 Brew and Cue, Chattanooga TN

3/10 Fireside Bar & Grill, Chattanooga TN

3/15 High Rock Outfitters, Lexington NC

3/16 Pigeon Mountain Grill, Chickamauga GA

3/17 Mountain Creek Harley Davidson, Dalton GA

3/22 Funny Ears Fringe Fest, Preservation Pub, Knoxville TN

3/23 Frank N Steins, Portsmouth OH

3/24 Traditions Bar, Watseka IL

3/25 Reggie’s, Chicago IL


3/30 Cold Shot, Appleton WI

3/31 Polack Inn, Wausau WI

4/04 The Lift, Dubuque IA

4/05 Lefty’s, Des Moines IA

4/06 Guitars and Cadillacs, Springfield IL

4/07 Westport Saloon, Kansas City MO

4/12 Gillie’s, Kearney NE

4/13 LoveLace Art & Design, Lincoln NE

4/14 War Goat Fest, St Louis MO

4/18 Red Brick Bar, Norman OK

4/19 Lucy’s Lot, Grapevine TX

4/20 Walk This Earth Festival, Albany TX

Mar 052018

Recently at the Ameripolitan Awards I got the opportunity to spend a little time with Nikki Lane and she told me a little about this project. I’m hoping that she extends this project into other ventures like the Nashville Boogie.Her new album Highway Queen made my TOP 50 OF 2017 lasy year.

I predict Miss Nikki to do nothing but rise to the TOP of the non mainstream lists…and I predict this “non mainstream” music to TAKE OVER and BECOME more mainstream as the need and want for it escalates.

“Curating the Stage Stop Marketplace is the perfect way for me to blend my love for country music with my love for vintage Western wear and American-made products,” Lane said via a press release. “All of the vendors are hardworking small business owners working to maintain integrity and authenticity with regard to how they dress and live.”

On top of curating the shops, Lane and her friends will be surprising guests throughout the weekend by popping into the stores for acoustic performances right inside the marketplace. The Stage Stop Marketplace will include vendors from all over the U.S., such as High Class Hillbilly, Lone Hawk Hats, Honeywood Vintage and Bandit Brand.

I am thrilled to announce Nikki Lane’s Stage Stop Marketplace at Stagecoach 2018 which will be open all weekend long, April 27 through April 29. Curating the Stage Stop Marketplace is the perfect way for me to blend my love for country music with my love for vintage western wear and American made products. All of the vendors are hardworking small business owners working to maintain integrity and authenticity with regard to how they dress and live. I am excited and proud to share all they have to offer with all of you!

The Marketplace will include curated vendors, such as High Class HillbillyLone Hawk HatsHoneywood VintageBandit Brand, and more. All of which will provide anyone who stops by the opportunity to deep dive their eccentric styles and country inspired fashion.

In addition to curated vintage goods, I will be bringing along some of my closest musician friends for pop-up acoustic performances right inside the marketplace. These will be artists outside of the Stagecoach lineup performing exclusively at the Marketplace so you will not want to miss it!
I can’t wait to share all that the marketplace has to offer at Stagecoach this year with all of you, so please be sure to stop by to say “hello” and pick up a few unique items to highlight your inner country style.
See you at the Polo Fields!

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