By Joshua Wallace

A good EP’s purpose is to make the wait for a full length album a little bit easier.  Whether it’s an introductory EP or something to tide fans over between albums number 2 and 3, a good EP can carry some good stuff and should never be overlooked.  Charlie Marie’s second self titled EP feels more like a reboot as this features a fuller, more traditional honky tonk sound than her first 2015 self titled EP. I really dig this sound and can’t wait for more.

The EP kicks off with “Rhinestones”.  It’s thick with pedal steel from Andy Gibson who plays on this record.  This track feels like something that would get dance floors moving.  It is meant to introduce you Charlie Marie and tell you what to expect from this young singer going forward. Another favorite is the stand out “Countryside”.  I love the riff that opens this track and the road trip vibe that carries throughout. This is good stuff. Finally, the track “Shot In The Dark” slows things down a bit. This waltz is the best vocal showcase on the album.

This is a good EP.  It really sells you on Charlie Marie as a traditional honky tonk country singer.  This EP may only be 5 tracks, but these 5 tracks let Charlie Marie showcase every aspect of a sound that is well defined by the end of this.  I for one am looking forward to hearing more of Charlie Marie. You can check out her website here and the self titled EP is out everywhere as of May 3rd 2019.

Favorite Tracks : Rhinestones, Countryside, Shot In The Dark,

Charlie Marie – Charlie Marie (2019)

  1. Rhinestones
  2. Rodeo
  3. Countryside
  4. Shot In The Dark
  5. Playboy
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