I have a bunch of news I want to tell you about Mr. Rye Davis, I was contacted recently that he has a new single out now, and we have it on our playlist. You can go HERE to listen to it. Heck, I BET you’ll find a few more independent bands on there you might like too!

I had to take some time away from my desk to attend to some medical issues, and he has since then released his new album called “Cut To Tape”. Please make sure you go over and purchase his new album after reading this article, which transpired recently at the Spillway Bar And Grill in Bowling Green Kentucky.

Mr. Rye Davis is one of the most overlooked artists in my area by the major media factions, and I am angry about their insouciant attitude toward his music. Not to mention the fact he is always approachable, and ardently passionate about those that love his music.

He played the 1983 song called “The Ride” that Mr. Gary Gentry wrote for Mr. David Allan Coe. It was on the 1983 album called “Castles In The Sand”.  The next song, which is on the new album called “King Me” hit me right in my feels. Because my own father died in 2017 from dementia , and I can really relate to the lyrics here.

My dad got lost and he wasn’t allowed to drive anymore, and he didn’t remember who I was when I went to see him before he died.  My dad didn’t play checkers, but I could easily place myself in that song.  “She’d Know” was another original ( as were the rest of them), that tells us about his feelings about his own wife.

“Blue Jeans” is an absolute masterpiece, and if you haven’t heard it, you are nuts. This song tells of his laments of his youth, but he spins it into a happy memory as well. All of the things he left in his pockets, that his mother found in the past as she washed them painted a story that couldn’t be told anybody any better.

“Everyday America” and “They All Know My Name” were included in his set. His second to last song was a new one called ” Save You A Seat”. This song is dedicated to the people that Bible bash and condemn others for being less religious than them. All in all I can pretty much say I have always had a wonderful time watching his show, wherever it may be.

Mr. Clint Park, whom is also an active member of the Ward Davis band played an equally amazing set of his own songs, and one Leon Russell cover. He has a self titled 5 song EP out now, and you can purchase it on his website by clicking on his name up there.

Now, mind you this concert happened in November of 2019….yeah…that’s how behind I am. However the time I lost was time well invested into my health NOW, and it’s easier to move forward than to fall behind more. I apologized to just about everyone I can think of, and I have never been more proud of myself for finding sobriety within lyrics that speak of pills and whiskey.

While I was detoxing this song ” Why Can’t It Be Raining” really spoke to me, and it’s almost like it was God’s plan to save this article for me to write NOW. See the addiction is all behind me now, and I can say at one time I DID wish the sun would disappear.

“Let It Burn” was played tonight, as well as “Even Texas Ain’t Big Enough”. But the song called “One Track Mind” also spoke to me as a lover of good story songs, and this song truly gave me the chills. Because AT THIS TIME I was teetering on the idea of going to addiction help, and I think this song along with a few more helped me decide to go.

There are not many songwriters that I adore more than Mr. Ward Davis and his style. To me, he is a modern day Dean Dillon or Don Schlitz. I have no doubt in my mind my daughter will one day call him a Legend of Country Music. He is sadly overlooked by the establishment, and thusly he became “one of our boys”.

Despite that his songs have been recorded by Legends, and he has continued to pave the way for people like Mr. Rye Davis….like Mr. Ward’s heroes did for him. Mr. Ward Davis is doing EXACTLY what Mr. Roy Acuff and his ilk wanted us to do…maintain integrity.

“No Goin’ Home” once you’re gone there ain’t no going home. “Time To Move On” was off his new album “Asunder”.  One of the songs he wrote that was recorded by Mr. Cody Jinks was called “Same Kind Of Crazy As Me”. Another song included here tonight was called “Get To Work Whiskey”.

He played covers too! And to be honest that’s GREAT that he honors some of the Legends like the 1958 Sun Records behemoth song by Johnny Cash called “Big River”. It’s from Cash’s third album “Songs That Made Him Famous”….and it did.  Now this next one “Money In the Bank” was from the 1993 John Anderson album ‘Solid Ground”. I wanna say I study John Anderson very ardently, and I thought his version was good. I LOVE the late 80’s and early 90’s Country.

Everybody loves his song he wrote with Mr. Cody Jinks called “I’m Not The Devil”, and he did several more before breaking out into his songs like the title track of his bigger album called ” 15 Years In A 10 Year Town”. He also played “Geronimo” and his anthem…the almighty ” Old Worn Out Cowboys”, that originally guest starred Mr. Willie Nelson and Mr. Jamey Johnson.

I truly  enjoy coming out to the Spillway for so many shows, and as soon as this national crisis is over with, our beloved music will soon return to normal and we can start supporting shows and venues again. I decided to go to recovery at a VERY good time.

Ultimately I hope with all my heart and soul that all my music friends still love and support what I do. I was well pleased with the way my crew ran OUR website while I was away, and how they touched base with me as they could to track my progress in recovery.

You know Country Music as a whole often glorifies alcohol and drug use, but in the end it also speaks of redemption and righting your wrongs. It truly is the Lord’s music, even as old as Uncle Dave Macon, it has established itself as a beacon for sinners and heathens alike….and I believe Country Music heals them. I used people like Mr. Ward Davis to heal myself that’s for DAMN SURE!

I’m back everybody, and better than ever!

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