Last January I featured a really nice band from the west coast called Raven Claw Hammer and they are a band that I couldn’t label if I TRIED. I’ll be honest they put me to mind of the Goddam Gallows, with a Gypsy Punk sort of sound. I see great Gallows influence in their sound and to be honest before hearing their music I spoke to the singer and thought SHE was a HE. Sorry about that Krisana…If YOU want a more complete “DIG” into this band click up above on their name.


Well they are coming to the Nashville Tennessee area and I want to right now bring you their summer 2015 tour.
Heading on the road here:
6-22 Midland, Texas at the Bluemax
6-23 Austin, Texas at The Rattle Inn (Black Tarpoon and Junkyard Mongrels)
6-24 Corpus Christi, Texas at Bone Shakers (Black Tarpoon)
6-25 New Orleans, Louisiana at Checkpoint Charlie’s (My Last Black Out)
6-26 Atlanta, Georgia at Star Bar (Caleb Warren and the P/Gentlemen)
6-27 Nashville, Tennessee at Charleyville (Vice Tricks)
6-28 Des Moines, Iowa at The Fremont
6-29 McCook, Nebraska at La Cocina Lounge
6-30 Colorado Springs, Colorado at The Flux Capacitator
7-2 Las Vegas, NV at the Double Down Saloon
7-3 Las Vegas, NV at the Dive Bar

We are playing with several other bands. Stay tuned for added details and acts

So folks let’s go out and support this really good band with a sound so unique It’s not exactly duplicated very easy.
Their album is in my constant rotation and I hope to catch them out sooner or later and cover their show here.

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