I got here about 1 and set up my tent next to Rusty Knuckles. In my tent
I was selling merch for Billie Gant who is playing tomorrow but is sitting
in with Whey Jennings and Nick Geise tonight.
He’s doing his own set and I’ll report more on him later on in day 3.
Although I DID get “Vigilantes At Large” his new album.

TOO MUCH FOOD…holy cow I am having food every tent I stop in.
I’m not going hungry, were wet and damp but NOT hungry.
As always in my tent bathroom goods are FREE to everyone
and toilet paper and toothpaste and that sort of things are all
given away at my tent where the legends hang out.

So I want to tell you about James Austin, PJ Steelman and
R.C.O’leary who also released an album this weekend.
They did a three man round in a line taking turns playing.

Mr. PJ began his round with “When You Step over The Line”.
He played one called “Jenny’s Down In Georgia (I’m In Tn).
His newest album entitled “When The Evening Falls” contained his
next song called ‘Why Don’t You Touch Me’.
I’m pretty sure he did one called ‘buscuits In Birmingham”

I got to meet him the first day of Outlaw Fest and I really enjoyed
his company and his well written lines in his songs.
‘No Southern Comfort’ was another good song and he closed his set
with “Aint No Way To Live”.

R.C.Oleary who also released his album “The Tuneshander” and in fact
he’s here selling his albums in my tent with Tom Ghent and Billie Gant
also played quite an enjoyable set.
He began his set with “Whiporwill” and another song I really enjoy called
“Southern Star In A Northern Sky”.
“Common Misdemeanor Of Man” was a song I haven’t heard live from him ever.
He has a very long and interesting history of Country Music involving Charlie Garner
who played guitar for Del Reeves for many years.
“Hasta La Vista Baby” was his next song and it was followed by “If Youre Drinking
Tonight”(please Pay In Advance).
He played one I missed because of visiting with people and closed his set with
“Jailbirds Can’t Fly”.

James Austin has always been a very kind individual to me. So full of stories
and history and facts.
“They Say It’s The Nuthouse For Me’ was his first song and he performed several
others I missed for eating and visiting.
But he did play my favorite song he does, it is a song for veterans and it’s
a really touching song called “Johnny Wont Be marching Home Again”.
The last song I remember him playing was “Christmas 911”.

I met a really nice young guitar player there from Tallent Missouri
and he’s part of the Tallent brothers band.
His name is Brandon lee Tallent and he is formerly employed
with David Allan Coe.
He did a solo set tonight and he was really good, I enjoyed it.
He began his set with “Long Gone” and “About Me Too”.
“Everyday I’m Gone’ and ‘Curtain Call” were also good songs
and I noticed he was quite comfortable up on stage.
‘Waiting On A Song” and “On The Other Side” were his next two
songs he did and it was followed by “Old stuff”.
However his last song was his best song and It was really well
written and meant a lot to him.
It was called “This Dirt” and it was a song about his kinfolk’s blood
in that dirt he was talking about.

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