And you can catch them here in Nashville all week long.
Folks Outlaw Fest is over and done with and we are all resting
and cleaning up and going back to work.
But for the artists who played they never left their job
and that’s a GOOD THING because we LOVE what they do for a living.

So one of the artists that have shows in town here this week
is J.B.Beverley. I have seen several of his sets in this past year
but Iv’e never seen a Wayward Drifters set. Now like I told you at Muddy Roots
it was advertised as one and he quickly corrected that.
There is somewhat of a difference in song choices and format of the music.

I’m working on his review for his set at Outlaw Fest and BOTH festivals
I’d have to say his sets were my top 3 choices.
And before he returns home to rest he will be playing a few shows here in
Nashville I would like to tell you about so you can go support him.

Tomorrow on the 14th they will be at FooBar with Greg Garing
Thursday the 16th they will be at The Black Raven with Gravelroad.
Friday the 17th they will be at the Crying Wolf.

I don’t want to ruin it for you if you plan to go this week so I’ll
not release my setlist review of his Outlaw Fest performance
from Saturday night but TRUST ME it was awesome to say the least.
I’m STILL humming songs all weekend.

I definitely look forward to him making another Wayward Drifters
album in the future and we will catch up with him really soon to
ask him some details. I got SO MUCH info coming your way from the
fields of Outlaw fest I cannot begin to start to tell it all in one

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