Feb 102018

Last month I touched on some announcements from the Oak Ridge Boys, that legendary producer Mr. Dave Cobb was producing for them. I mean everything he touches is pretty much GOLD, he is like the modern day Billy Sherrill. This album has a release date of March 16th, and will have 9 tracks on it, and is available for pre-order now. The label of Lightning Rod/Thirty Tigers has been influential in revitalizing some forgotten Country Legends, and I think they can assist in making the Oak Ridge Boys viable again.

The video for the song “Brand New Star” debuted on January 18th and is embedded at the bottom of this article for you. It contains a Blue grassy sound and a terrific vocal delivery, I’m telling you time has NOT faltered their vocals or harmony ability of ANY of the four members.

In addition I am quite pleased with the fashion they have honored their current Opry induction in the past few years, playing a whopping number of dates on it. Also I have included a  list of dates on here AND my list of
Local Live Shows Weekly.

Available for 
pre-order now!
Limited numbers 
of autographed 
17th Avenue Revival
CDs and 12” vinyl LPs
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Street date
March 16
Produced by Dave Cobb
Recorded in Historic Studio A on Music Row
9 new tracks including
Brand New Star

Brand New Star • There Will Be Light • God’s Got It • I’d Rather Have Jesus • Walk In Jerusalem • Where He Leads Me I Will Follow • Pray To Jesus • If I Die Drinkin’ • Let It Shine On Me


If you live in Southern California check out our Grammy Museum L.A. Live album release event.
A limited number of tickets are still available.
Click on the photo above for info.

Album & CD Track Listing

1. Brand New Star

2. There Will Be Light

3. God’s Got It

4. I’d Rather Have Jesus

5. Walk In Jerusalem

6. Where He Leads Me I Will Follow

7. Pray To Jesus

8. If I Die

9. Let It Shine On Me


Feb 11
Don Laughlin’s Riverside Resort Hotel & Casino
Laughlin, NV
Feb 16
Cache Creek Casino Resort
Brooks, CA
Feb 17
Cactus Petes Resort Casino Gala Showroom
Jackpot, NV
Feb 22
Mobile Civic Center Theater
Mobile, AL
Mar 01
Florida Strawberry Festival
Plant City, FL
Mar 03
Seminole Casino
Immokalee, FL
Mar 06
Country Music Hall of Fame
Nashville, TN
Mar 07
Bridgestone Arena
Nashville, TN
Mar 16
Alexandria, VA
Mar 17
American Music Theatre
Lancaster, PA
Mar 18
Sellersville Theater 1894
Sellersville, PA
Mar 23
Paramount Theatre
Middletown, NY
Mar 24
Zeiterion Performing Arts Center
New Bedford, MA
Mar 30
Harvester Performance Center
Rocky Mount, VA
Mar 31
Harrington Raceway & Casino
Harrington, DE
Apr 06
Stiefel Theatre
Salina, KS
Apr 07
Riverwind Casino
Norman, OK
Apr 08
Texan Theater
Greenville, TX
Apr 13
Newberry Opera House
Newberry, SC
Apr 14
Alabama Theatre
North Myrtle Beach, SC
Apr 20
The Mansion Theater
Branson, MO
Apr 21
The Mansion Theater
Branson, MO
Apr 27
Medina Entertainment Center
Medina, MN
Apr 29
People Bank Theatre
Marietta, OH
Apr 30
Packard Music Hall
Warren, OH
May 05
BMI Speedway
Versailles, OH
May 12
Little River Casino Resort
Manistee, MI
May 18
del Lago Resort & Casino
Waterloo, NY
May 19
Paramount Theatre
Rutland, VT
May 20
The Cabot
Beverly, MA
May 26
Atwood Music Festival
Monticello, MS
Jun 01
Beaver Dam Amphitheater
Beaver Dam, KY
Jun 02
Renfro Valley
Mt Vernon, KY
Jun 08
Hartville Kitchen
Hartville, OH
Jun 09
Hartville Kitchen
Hartville, OH
Jun 14
Prairie’s Edge Casino Resort
Granite Falls, MN
Jun 16
Porterfield Country Fest
Marinette, WI
Jun 23
The Mighty Howard County Fair
Cresco, IA
Jul 20
Thrasher-Horne Center
Orange Park, FL
Jul 27
Gasconade County Fair
Owensville, MO
Jul 28
Adams County Fair
Mendon, IL
Aug 11
Mill Town Music Hall
Bremen, GA
Aug 16
Dodge County Fair
Beaver Dam, WI
Aug 19
Kentucky State Fair
Louisville, KY
Sep 07
Dailey & Vincent Landfest
Hiawassee, GA
Sep 10
Clay County Fair
Spencer, IA
Sep 15
Blue Gate Theatre
Shipshewana, IN
Sep 15
Blue Gate Theatre
Shipshewana, IN
Sep 19
The Mansion Theatre
Branson, MA
Sep 20
The Mansion Theatre
Branson, MO
Sep 21
Country Tonite
Pigeon Forge, TN
Sep 21
Country Tonite
Pigeon Forge, TN
Sep 22
Alabama Theatre
Myrtle Beach, SC
Sep 26
The Mansion Theatre
Branson, MO
Sep 27
The Mansion Theatre
Branson, MO
Sep 28
Shawnee Bluff Vineyard
Eldon, MO
Sep 29
Muriel Kauffman Theatre
Kansas City, MO
Oct 03
The Mansion Theatre
Branson, MO
Oct 04
The Mansion Theatre
Branson, MO
Oct 10
The Mansion Theatre
Branson, MO
Oct 11
The Mansion Theatre
Branson, MO
Oct 17
The Mansion Theatre
Branson, MO
Oct 18
The Mansion Theatre
Branson, MO
Oct 24
The Mansion Theatre
Branson, MO
Oct 25
The Mansion Theatre
Branson, MO
Oct 31
The Mansion Theatre
Branson, MO
Nov 01
The Mansion Theatre
Branson, MO
Nov 08
The Mansion Theatre
Branson, MO
Nov 09
The Mansion Theatre
Branson, MO
Nov 14
The Mansion Theatre
Branson, MO
Nov 15
The Mansion Theatre
Branson, MO


Mar 122017

So I suppose a lot of the “important” websites have already put out their statements on Sunny Sweeney’s fourth album Trophy, however I cannot resist following all of them in some aspects. First off I wanted to state that I personally have been on a provocative push toward the Opry organization to induct her as a member. To be honest I believe she deserves to have been bestowed  with this accolade for quite some time now. She holds dear the meaning and the tradition of this fine institution more than ninety percent of today’s new artists do.

She throws punches at your jaw through the speakers every time she puts out new material and Trophy her latest release doesn’t fail to continue to do just that. The VERY FIRST note is a steel guitar followed by a painfully slow and poignant song called “Pass The Pain”, that sets the whole ambiance of this album to an intended direction of what Country Music SHOULD sound like. You feel like you have been smacked in the face with a brick  with lyrics and vocals that are absolutely astonishing in many ways.

You know much like a few artists of today that I can name I love her so much because her vocal style and delivery sticks out like a rooster wearing socks. Have you ever heard older people say in MY day you could tell different artists from one another like Marty Robbins? WELL with Miss Sunny you get just that and nothing short of unique and different. Call her Traditional Country call her Red Dirt or whatever you want but she defiantly doesn’t sound like anyone else but Sunny Sweeney.

She wrote or co-wrote all but two of the tracks on this album which was produced by Dave Brainard and released on Thirty Tigers label.  The album picks up a little bit with the next song “Better Bad Idea” however the lyrics are well written on “Nothing Wrong With Texas” because you FEEL her comfort of home and where she hails from as a person. I think her last album Provoked brought us closer to her as a person to understand where her soul was at that time, and I hope she is healed and happy with her life now. She’s a fantastic person and I always have loved her haughty and clever humor, yet keeps it Country classy.

Pills are a problem with society as a whole wherever you go but it is more prevalent and abused in the Appalachia region, I was reading about an area of West Virginia where a town of 400 have been sent millions of them. As a RA patient I do understand the constant battle of the problem in America. This song “Pills” is a song from her to someone with a pill addiction, that many people will be able to relate to.

“Bottle By My Bed” is the ultimate song of lament and want…for a child. I think many people can equally relate to the want of having a baby, but the clever use of twist on the title was a surprise at first glance and first spin of the album. Being a parent is an amazing thing that you love someone before they even truly exist when they only exist in thought and aren’t yet conceived.

The greatest hero of my life that I have studied more than anyone was Hank Williams. My music loves are just as eclectic as the song here describes and I related to it better than any of the other songs included on this album. I feel like Hank understood me and knew me as a fan thirty years before I was born, much like I described being a parent was in the last paragraph.

The title track “Trophy” was the greatest song of revenge from a current wife to an ex wife that treated the husband like shit. It takes the term Trophy Wife to a whole level and NOBODY sings it better than Sunny Sweeney, this song wouldn’t sound believable from anyone else by any means. I am pretty adamant on this statement THIS ALBUM is probably one of my TOP 5 already before the robins even arrive for spring!