I have just got off a long weekend of music as I covered shows Friday night AND last night.
I’m really tired and relaxing at home today behind the keyboard.
I spent the afternoon down at the Hall Of Fame and other places and realized I FORGOT my
media card in my laptop…so these pictures are property of my good friend Alabama Mike.
He helped make this article possible, and I want to publicly thank him.

The Exit In is one of Nashville’s oldest venues.
And in my opinion one of the best places in town to see a show…and WHAT A SHOW it was!
Whitey Morgan And The 78’s are a busy bunch of guys.
They easily play 200+ shows a year and this show was their last one before a 15 day vacation
to spend the holidays with family.

His new live album “Born And Raised LIVE In Flint Michigan” was FLYING off the merch shelf
in vinyl form (I bought one) and I was told that the limited edition white vinyl SOLD OUT
in under 24 hours.
The acoustic “Grandpa’s Guitar” will be available Tuesday so I couldn’t buy it yet.
Whitey told me last night backstage his NEW album coming out in January will “Blow The Other
Albums Away”! And praised the producer highly.
Whitey is a very intelligent man, a highly charismatic entertainer and he has a mind for
business. He knows how to do what he does better than anyone and this show was more evidence
of that.


As soon as he took the stage and Mr. Brett began making that steel guitar ring with twang
he began his stellar set with “Long Time Since I Had A Good Time”.
And THAT got the whole place dancing and drinking..the place went wild!
They continued with “Bad News” and “Buick City Blues”.

He then covered Johnny Paycheck’s 1979 “Stay Away From The Cocaine Train”. That song
reached number 34 on the charts and it’s off his album “Everybody Needs A Family”.
“Memories Cost A Lot” was next and he played “Prove It All To You”.

One of my favorite songs he sings is “Honky Tonk Queen”. Sadly my all time favorite
is “If It Ain’t Broke” and he did not play that one…but hey he STILL tore the place to pieces.
He played “Crazy” before bringing up J.P.Harris who did a show on Tuesday and together they
played the Merle Haggard classic “Swinging Doors”.

A new song called “Drunken Nights In The City” was truly a treat to get to pre sample.
I got to sample a TON of new songs coming in January from several artists this weekend.
“Love And Honor” was next and then another Paycheck tune “11 Months and 29 Days” off
the same titled 1979 album.
He got a request and covered Jimmie Rodgers “T For Texas”. which I enjoyed and followed it
by “I’m On Fire” originally done by Springsteen.

“I Ain’t Drunk” is always a good song and usually a staple song on all his sets I have ever
been to live.
He covered ‘Fire On The Mountain” and played the Dale Watson penned tune “Where Do You Want It”?
And performed one encore which was the Waylon song “Hank Done It This Way”.
He left the place screaming for more and I’m sure if he could have he would have played well
into the wee hours of the morning.

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