Well folks as I promised I will keep this series open as an ongoing
feature on my website. Because they pretty much always keep rotating
from March-November every year.
I try to pick a NEW one every year to cover and rotate covering them
according to how much of a response the articles get from my readers.
Also if the festival promoters aren’t really as friendly as other I usually
include them but just don’t involve my participation as eagerly as most.
Heck, two of them have flat out declined to LET ME include them in this!

Out in the Hocking Hills of Ohio The Fall Campout At Duck Creek is a smaller outdoor
festival to the Duck Creek Log Jam.
Duck Creek Outdoors is a GREAT Ohio outdoor festival company in that area.
They are rapidly becoming more popular all over the U.S. and I have NO PROBLEM helping them.

So we will dwell on this event just a little in this article..
The event happens on October 10+11th in Hocking Hills Ohio.
Duck Creek is located just 40 minutes south of Columbus in the Hocking Hills Region of Ohio.
28508 Murphy Rd. Logan, Ohio 43138
And upon my study of their festival they have had two previous festivals and pretty much
just put the first one on with no previous knowledge of festivals..and it’s doing really well.

It look like they have three or four stages and a VERY low fee for this fall festival.
There’s a “no camping” option as well, AND there is a secluded section for “no after party” parties
in that area for people that wish to sleep earlier.
I’ll touch on the prices further down on here. They contacted me during another music festival to
get an article for them and gave me some shirts and posters for doing this.

The Tillers
Hocking River String Band
Al Scorch
Coal Town Rounders
Michaela Anne
Coal Cave Hollow Boys
Darrin Hacquard
Matt Opachick

Those are the bands that will be making you stomp and party into the night
this fall.
Save some money by purchasing your tickets online! Prices at the gate will be:
$60 Weekend Pass (with camping) | $45 Saturday Pass (with camping) | $35 Saturday Pass
(no camping)
Children Ages 6-12: $10 Friday/Saturday Pass.
Ages 5 & Under: Free!
Although there is a 10 dollar parking fee..I found that weird, and 30 for RV’s so I could see
why they had a lower gate price since it all evens out.

*In order to assure that the Pine Grove Stage remains an intimate and unique venue,
there are a very limited amount of FRIDAY & SATURDAY PASSES available. We anticipate
that these tickets will sell out, and will not be offering a Friday Only Pass at this time.
If the Friday/Saturday passes do not sell out by Oct 1st, we will offer remaining space as
single day Friday passes, but the only way to guarantee access to the Friday night Pine Grove
performance is to purchase the Friday & Saturday Pass while supplies last.

According to their website here are the rules:

Wristbands MUST be worn at ALL times, NO EXCEPTIONS! If you are caught without a wristband you
will HAVE to buy another at full price or leave the property.

There is no sale of alcohol on the premises. You are welcome to bring and enjoy beverages
responsibly. You must be 21 to consume alcohol. All persons consuming alcohol must have a
valid age verification wristband. Violation of this rule will result in removal from the
event and a meeting with local law enforcement.

No glass bottles are permitted. Cans only. (THIS INCLUDES MASON JARS!)

No pets.

Swimming is permitted during daylight hours only, and in designated areas. No night swimming.

Unauthorized sale of food or alcohol is prohibited.

No unauthorized vending.

No fireworks.

No weapons or knives.

No illegal drugs or controlled substances. If you need a nitrous tank and the guy with the
backpack to have a good time, this festival is not for you.

No golf carts, ATV’s or other motorized vehicles.

All coolers, vehicles, tents and persons are subject to search while on the premises.

Help keep it clean! Give a hoot, don’t pollute!

Treat others well. If you don’t know how to let loose while still treating others with respect,
please do not attend this event.

I think I’ll look into coming up there for this event for sure in the future!

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