I got A TON of “side articles’ coming during Outlaw Fest 2014 but THIS IS my
official announcement of my ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY article and it will launch
Thursday October 9th at around 9:00PM during Joshua Morningstar and a VERY
special set.

Now I got a some special help all weekend to run my little tent for me while I
am by the stage taking notes and pictures. I have A TON of business to do
this weekend!
I got some special people that will hang around my spot at the Outlaw Mall
so MAKE SURE you come say Hi…get some coffee….or throw water balloons at me
hell I don’t care!

I will be handing out Toothbrushes, Toothpaste, Shave cream and razors, soap and
small food items to ALL “road bands” or ANY band that wants them.
I got Toilet paper and batteries too.

I’ll be BLOGGING LIVE right from the vendor spot and the stage BOTH.
I GOT special announcements from A BUNCH of the artists!
I really don’t do interviews much but I WILL be getting the scoop from several
artists down there about album releases and other things.

Me and Joshua Morningstar are VERY SPECIAL friends, hell I called him
once at 5AM for advice.
We have a very special history together and there isn’t many others I could
think of that deserve this blessing more than him.

Ok now from the Outlaw Fest website here are some further details about
We have fielded a lot of calls today concerning tickets. Here’s the info on tickets:
—Advance tickets will be available online ONLY until 10/3/14
—Once advance ticketing stops you may purchase tickets at the gate
—The 2-Day / $60 ticket is ONLY available online and will not be available at the gate.
—You will save $25 on a 4-day ticket by purchasing in advance
Any other questions…throw them out there we will get an answer for you ASAP.

ABOVE GROUND fires are OK and grills are welcomed..and I asked about
propane fryers because I JUST MIGHT fry up some catfish and pups for
any visitors at my tent.

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