Crooked Smile Fall Fest

Way out there in Trenton Nebraska about two miles east, exists one of the coolest festivals I have never been to yet, pondstock At Lake Hedke is now under It’s 11th annual run. I have heard independent acts like St. Christopher (who is a friend) speak VERY excitedly about this event. This is one of the few festivals I have very little information about right now and as I learn more about this festival I will be including it into this series and continue to cover this festival for years to come.

I recently talked with the festival director of this event and he said this is a one hundred percent independent festival on a venue called Pondstock and it is on Lake Hedke Nebraska, thusly the name. This will be a Thursday, Friday and Saturday event and for a full schedule you can click on the link above.

There is a food vendor and also band merch areas where you can buy the albums and shirts you love so much!  For all other questions and where to purchase tickets please contact the festival team at the above link.

To find hotels in and around this area please check out this link HERE

Saint Christopher
Peculiar Pretzelmen
Joe Buck Yourself
Keil Grove
The Drunken Cuddle
Nathan Kalish And The Lastcallers
Jaw Knee Vee
C.W. Ayon
Billy Cook
Mr. Smith
el Jefe
Champagne Charlie
Country Rebels
Lorin Walker Madsen
Freight Train Rabbit Killer
Smokestack Relics
Sissy Brown
Primal Waters

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