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Ruckus In The Boonies is a festival in Heppner Oregon I have been sponsoring for some time now, although I have not gotten to get out that way yet it is on my “to-do” list. Dogbite Harris has been truly good to me and my website in the past and it would be nice to bring this website out west, baby steps my day at a time.

This year they bring this festival to you from The Morrow County Fairgrounds In beautiful Heppner Oregon. This years fest will be held on Friday July 29th and Saturday July 30th.

Jason Taulbee from Lucky Supreme Tattoos will be back doing tattoo work, and for the first time ever we will be doing the Ruckus In The Boonies Music Festival Sunday hang over breakfast. We have on site camping this year both RV and Tent with showers. All RV sites have hooks up’s.

Gary Lindsey
Pine Box Boys
J.B. Beverley
Sarah Gayle Meech
Sawyer Family
James Hunnicutt
Whiskey Dick
Gallows Bound
Old Death Whisper
Smokestack Relics
Billy Cook
Stump Tail Dolly
St. Christopher
Harley Bourbon
Dusty Rust
The Drunken Cuddle
Hard Money Saints
Michael Dean Damron
Stoned Evergreen Travelers
Dog Bite Harris
Felix Thursday
Whiskey Hooves
Acousta Noir
Tale From Ghost Town
Stone Elk
Grave Robbers Jukebox
Lorin Walker Madsen
Alex Culbreth
Nicole Pike
Roy Dean
John Hamhock
Jon Emery
Billy Hood
Jake Roy
Cory Peterson
Rancho Deluxe
Shilo Edwards

This is the official price break down for this years festival. It is kind of complicated, but I just want everyone to get what they pay for, and to only pay for what they need.. The prices are broken down into 3 different categories. Camping, Non Camping and Motel.. Each pass has its own rules so pay attention to what you will be needed closely.. Remember any one camping will be paying to stay regardless if you are sharing a tent or not.

Camping Passes
Day Pass 35.00 this includes one day of music plus camping, So those of you who can only make Saturday can pay for just one day.

2 day passes 60.00 Includes both days of music plus both days of camping

One Day Family Pass 80.00 Good for one day of the festival, and one day of camping for 2 adults and up to 4 kids..

2 day Family Pass 150.00 Includes both festival days, plus both nights of camping for 2 adults and up to 4 kids.

RV Passes with hook ups.. 150.00 you must stay both Friday and Saturday night includes one pass, but you can sleep however many people you want to fit in your RV.

1 day RV pass with out hook ups. 45.00 includes one day pass for the event and one night stay. you can sleep how many people you want to fit in your RV.

2 Day RV passes with out hook ups . 80.00 Same deal comes with one pass, but you can sleep as many people that you want to fit in your RV.

Keep in mind with the RV deal. any body you bring, can stay in your RV but it only comes with one event pass so anybody else coming will have to buy a regular event pass to get in.. That’s 40.00 for the weekend and 25.00 per day..

Non Camping Passes.

Day Pass. 25.00
Weekend Pass. 40.00
Family Day Pass ” 2 adults and up to 4 kids” 70.00
Family Weekend pass ” 2 adults and up to 4 kids” 100.00

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