Folks this website is about Country Music mostly on a local level and features people busting their asses to make their dreams come true and my buddy Charles Hines is no exception. Much like me this man is always in that driveway working on his car as I’m working on my website. I couldn’t say enough good things about this man he has been a good friend to me for many many years and helped me find my house I rent.

I pretty much am putting Lick Skillet on the map on a national level with what I contribute to Country Music and Charles is putting it on the map on those dirt tracks in Tennessee and Kentucky. Last month I was asked to sponsor his # 55 car and I gladly accepted his offer, I’m DAMN PROUD to donate money to his cause to buy equipment to do what he did yesterday…WIN the feature AND the heat!

In a few hours we are going to eat food and shoot off fireworks and I’m very blessed to be accepted by his family since I don’t have anyone here in Kentucky to celebrate with. He has his brother Daniel Hines to thank for his relentless work on the car and his wife Belinda Hines for her never ending support of his racing, in fact she motivates him more than anyone I know.

Head on out to the Clarksville Speedway and Cedar Ridge Speedway and support his dreams like you pop on here to help me support mine folks, thanks for reading and supporting real Country Music. People are waking up and beginning to see that crap on the radio is not real music, everyday it is growing and being shut down one step further!

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