Folks this article is part of my “Fan Fair Survival Guide” of articles for those of you that would like some REAL Country Music activities that time of the year that downtown Nashville is filled plum full of sparklebritches and plastic coated cowboy hats.

The media does NOT WANT you to know about the fact there is a WSM stage with really good Country Music acts on it and there are other social gatherings going on like this one. Folks this R.O.P.E. Now for those of you that don’t know what that organization is, let me tell you about it. This portion of their history is from the R.O.P.E. website:

R.O.P.E. (which stands for the Reunion of Professional Entertainers) began one evening in May of 1983 when forty-three folks in the music industry got together to discuss the idea of having an organization.  Prior to the organizing of R.O.P.E., generally the only times these folks were together was to either work and/or attend the funeral/visitation for a fellow comrade. Wanting to correct this situation was the beginning of this great organization that is known as R.O.P.E., International.

Like Webster’s rope that is made of several strands, our ‘R.O.P.E.’ is made of many different fields of the music and entertainment industry.  Our membership roster includes artists, musicians, songwriters, record producers, booking agents, record promoters, disc jockeys and music business executives.  Some are retired while many are still very active in their respective field. Our members represent many years of musical and entertainment history. 

Wednesday June 8th we will once again gather at the Al Menah Shrine Temple for the annual luncheon with the stars. Folks this place has a REALLY nice stage and facility for this function and I myself will be there eating and reuniting with old friends. This show goes from 12-4 PM and will be a cost of 35.00 and the deadline is JUNE 3RD!

To order tickets here what you do:
Send a check or money order to R.O.P.E. P.O.Box 2048 Madison Tn 37116
call 615-860-9257
e mail

SO FAR we have performing (more to be announced as time passes).
Dickey Lee
Teea Goans
Tommy Cash
Tn River Boys
Dianne Sherrill
Jan Howard
Bobby G Rice
Bobby Lewis

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