Even though last year totally eradicated the entire music industry, there was still a plethora of new releases on vinyl. Whether it be new albums on vinyl or simply re issues on vinyl…the choices created an endless assortment of good stuff, and there was no ambit or ending on how many they can release.

One that they re issued on vinyl last year was the 1985 ( and different times around then ) was John Prine Live, one of his most beloved and revered albums in his back catalogue. This album originated in California and Illinois, and also Austin City Limits. There exists so much John Prine material, they could continue this every year for a long time.

Part of the reason we all adored Mr. John so much, was his eclectic stories he told onstage. They came from so many walks of life, and looked at life from so many angles and perspectives. He never shoved any belief or agenda down our throats like many do now, rather he just told enjoyable and FUNNY stories.

He juxtaposed so much wit and clever plays on words into all of his songs, that many people just loved his “Aw Shucks” demeanor. I mean, this man has decades of material that could easily be re issued onto vinyl or CD, and it would sell like hot cakes.

Record Store Day drop number three, that statement became evident as they re issued FOUR Prine albums from the past:

Common Sense – 1975
Diamonds In the Rough – 1972
Sweet Revenge – 1973
John Prine – 1971

Those four albums have been re issued in limited quantities, and were one of the more sought after titles of all 3 drop days.  His debut self titled album is one of my own favorites for the songs on it, but the fact Mr. Buddy Emmons played ORGANS on it, and not STEEL.

The second album “Diamonds In The Rough” introduces us to his collaborations with Mr. Steve Goodman ( YES, the one Mr. David Allan Coe Mentions ), and in my opinion culminated his best work ever.

For the first time since it’s original, limited release to vinyl in 1988, we are proud to bring you John Prine Live on vinyl! This very special, Oh Boy exclusive will be limited to 1,000 vinyl and comes on purple vinyl. 

Oh Boy Exclusive vinyl includes: 
180 Gram weight, double vinyl
Opaque purple-colored
Foil stamped, numbered jackets (1-1000)
Limited edition custom label

The majority of the album was recorded during three-days at The Coach House in San Juan Capistrano, California. The version of “Angel From Montgomery”, was recorded at a memorial concert for Steve Goodman, held in Chicago in January 1985 and is joined by Bonnie Raitt. The version of “Souvenirs” is taken from a 1970s performance by John and Steve Goodman from Austin City Limits. The album was dedicated to John’s mother, Verna Prine. This record also includes some of John’s timeless concert storytelling, including the infamous “Happy Enchilada” story.

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In 1978, Prine became upset with the promotional efforts ( or lack of ) with Atlantic and he signed a contract with the Asylum ( Elektra ) label. He released three major albums during that period, and recently two of them have been released on CD.

Bruised Orange – 1978
Storm Windows – 1980

“Bruised Orange” is regarded as one of his strongest albums of songs until he released “Tree Of Forgiveness”. It stands stalwart today as one of his most iconic albums ever, with timeless classics like “Sabu Visits The Twin Cities Alone”.

The story of that song on the above LIVE album was an enjoyable ride into the mind of Mr. John Prine, and if you REALLY LISTEN it paints a really funny picture into the mind of those who listen.  Stories this inventive simply cannot be duplicated or copied by anybody…ever.

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