Right at this juncture I am kind of going backwards, and touching on a few small things I missed in 2020, and in this instance….even 2019. It makes me reflect with great sadness how many Legends we lost last year, and how integral these guys and gals are from the 80s and 90s.

Most of you know right now my TOP Album Of 2020 was none other than Mr. John Anderson, and my TOP 50 list was filled full of people that Mr. Mark Chesnutt considers to be his ilk. I have been treated to a plethora of new music from so many names that most regular people thought were gone…or even dead!

That is one of the objectives of my blog here, it is my onus to bring to you the news and new music from those deemed unimportant by the mainstream media, and other media outlets alike. It is very integral to Country Music that these people receive recognition for not only their contributions to the genre, but to Country Music history.

I’m going to print the official press release as well as some other information on this wonderful live album I have researched here. Mr. Mark is one of the ones we still have with us that is in good health, and is still actively touring.

12-Side Album, Featuring Chart-toppers & Fan Favorites, Due October 15, 2019
Nearing three decades in the music business, Mark Chesnutt, one of country music’s finest stylists and a traditional mainstay, is set to introduce his very first vinyl LP—LIVE FROM THE HONKY TONK (Nada Dinero Records) — Tuesday, October 15, 2019. Produced by Chesnutt and pressed on 180g vinyl, the 12 sides showcase live performances of the string of hits that brought him to the dance in the 90s (“I’ll Think Of Something,”  “I Just Wanted You To Know,” “Ol Country” and “Too Cold At Home”) along with country music standards, fan favorites and medley tributes to George Jones (“The Race Is On”/”White Lightning”) and Waylon Jennings (“Clyde”/”Are You Sure Hank Did It This Way”/”Good Hearted Woman”).
Capturing the authenticity of Chesnutt’s branded vocals and trademark honky tonk and dancehall shows, the tracks were recorded at The Trapp in Nashville and spotlight performances by his touring band—current and former members— (Mark Burch–keyboards • Delaney Jackson-electric guitar/background vocals • Lee Kelley–drums • Steve Ledford-bass guitar/background vocals • Cary Stone-acoustic guitar/ background vocals • Aaron Till–fiddle • Slim Yamaguchi-steel guitar).
“We’re in a day and time where the ‘old is new’ again. It’s hard to believe, after all these years, we’re releasing my music on vinyl,” Chesnutt said. “Back when I was signed, labels were far and away from producing music on vinyl. I think, joining loyal country music lovers, the new age listeners have a growing appreciation for the ‘raw and the real’ live sound—like being right there in the room—and, I for one, am right there with ‘em.”
Continuing to carry the torch in the footsteps of George Jones and Waylon Jennings, Mark Chesnutt’s signature voice has shaped the music of today’s country music newcomers and the new country music generation. Chesnutt plays nearly 100 dates a year canvassing the country. He has four platinum albums, five gold albums, 14 No. 1 singles and 23 Top 10 singles to his name. The two-sided vinyl LP, LIVE FROM THE HONKY TONK, is his 18th album release, second live recording project and first on vinyl; it will be available through Chesnutt’s online store (https://markchesnuttshop.com) and for purchase at his shows. ($20/$30 for autographed copy)
For more information on Mark Chesnutt, visit: www.markchesnutt.com. To connect with Mark Chesnutt, visit: www.facebook.com/markchesnutt and www.twitter.com/markchesnutt (@MarkChesnutt).

Preview the Double Disc CD

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1. It’s A Little Too Late
2. Bubba Shot The Jukebox
3. Too Cold At Home
4. All My Old Flames Have New Names
5. I Just Wanted You To Know
6. Goin’ Through the Big D
7. Ol’ Country
8. Brother Jukebox
9. I’ll Think Of Something
10. What A Way To Live
11. Heart Over Mind
12. Beer, Bait & Ammo
13. Waylon Jennings Medley



1. Dreaming My Dreams With You
2. Johnny Cash Medley
3. Big Mamou
4. Pride & Joy
5. I’m not Ready Yet
6. George Jones Medley
7. Whiskey Bent & Hell Bound
8. Swinging Doors
9. I Never Go Around Mirrors
10. Whiskey River
11. She Was
12. It Sure Is Monday
13. Gonna Get A Life
14. I Don’t Want To Miss A Thing

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