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Two years ago my friend Mr. Joe Macheret was telling me about an idea he had about a certain music function.  It actually started out being for the Ohio based talent like the Tillers, whom in my opinion recorded an iconic 2012 live album called Farewell To The Southgate House.

In late 2011 the sisters took over the venue, and maintained the live music tradition that the Southgate has provided Newport Kentucky since the 1970s. Today, the venue is still one of the oldest churches in the area, and this show here is one of the best on their yearly roster. This year the lineup is truly the best one they have ever concocted in my opinion.

Many of these bands I have much experience with covering in the past, and some of them I have none. I think in the many years I have been doing this job I have covered thousands of bands in 30 states, and I LOVE this area. Mr. Billie Gant and I go back to 2013 where he and I first met along with Mr. Joshua Morningstar at Altamont. Honestly I go back to MySapce with Mr. Joey Allcorn, and his music, he and I have been friends for many years. He recently took a short hiatus and that’s OK, we all need that at times. He is back healthy and happy and ready to once again entertain us all.

It’s ALWAYS a GOOD time around that rascal Mr. David AKA Laid Back Country picker, he tore apart Kickin’ It On The Creek , Master Musician’s Festival and MANY MORE upcoming in 2019 like Tumbleweed in Kansas City. Mr. Nathan Kalish released a REALLY GOOD album recently that we reviewed, so I PROMISE you that you will enjoy his music.

Mr. Adam Lee I haven’t ran across since Moonrunners in Chicago two years ago, and I ALWAYS enjoy his music. Joe’s Truck Stop is AMAZING live, and I love Mr. Joe VERY MUCH. See I’m going to tell you this..other websites cover these bands too, but they do not cover them with the level of friendship that goes into how I do it. This from their press release:

Much more than a tribute show, Hagfest celebrates the music and lasting legacy of the great Merle Haggard, his contemporaries, and his own heroes whom he was readily known to pay tribute to himself.

The lineup is curated by Cincinnati musician and songwriter, Joe Macheret (of Joe’s Truck Stop and The Tillers) to include some of the best Country, Honky Tonk, Western Swing, and Bluegrass inspired songwriters and musicians currently out working. The lineup includes legends like Otis Williams (of Cincinnati’s King Records fame) and Bill Kirchen (the Titan of the Telecaster), up and comers Jaime Wyatt and Josh Morningstar, and a slew of regional and local talent!

The festival has grown each year, and we’re hoping that continues. It’s creating a community of like minded folks who acknowledge something unifying and special in the music we all love, and that includes both the audience members and the musicians. We also donate most of our ticket proceeds to the Appalachian Prison Book Project, a cause we believe Merle Haggard would be proud of.

Hagfest will include nineteen acts on three stages! Although the bands and performers will most likely play their favorite Hag hit or deep cut, we want to celebrate the originality of the great songwriters on this lineup. Just the same way Merle Haggard was celebrated for writing so many of his own songs and paving a path for original songwriters inspired by Honky Tonk, Western Swing, Country and Dixie Blues, Bluegrass, Jazz, Old Time, and so on…

Hagfest 2019 lineup:
Otis Williams and the Midnight Cowboys
Bill Kirchen
Jaime Wyatt
Josh Morningstar
Comet Bluegrass All-Stars
Laid Back Country Picker
500 miles To Memphis
Nathan Kalish
Joe’s Truck Stop
The Tammy Whynots
Luna And The Mountain Jets
Adam Lee
Billie Gant
Joey Allcorn
Slippery Creek
Chelsea Ford And The Trouble
The Hammer And The Hatchet
Michael Moeller
Robert Lowell

$ 20.00 – $25.00 / All Ages

Tickets: HERE.

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