I will be keeping an eye on some live streams from this festival going on right now. Here is some information if you would like to attend.

Tickets can be purchased at the link below

$15 1 Day Pass
$20 2 Day Pass

Official Lineup

Days N Daze (HTX)
Freight Train Rabbit Killer (Kansas City, MO)
Michael Strike and The God Damn Band (WISCO)
The Grim Folks (SATX)
Carrie Asher- musician (SATX)
Rock Bottom String Band (SMTX)
the texicano folk rock punk (Odessa, TX)
Tejon Street Corner Thieves (Colorado Springs, CO)
Pickles (ATX)
Southern Sinners (Beeville, TX)
Nicholas Gomez (SATX)
36″ Wheels (SMTX)
One Trick Pony (ATX)
Grupo Frackaso (SATX)
Black TarPoon (CCTX)
The Dixie Underground (ATX)
Grin & Bear It (SMTX)
WhiskeyDick (FWTX)
Duane Mark (ATX)
Sissy Brown (Lawton, OK)
Mullet Mike and The Throbbers (SATX)
WT Newton (Chicago, IL)
Old Wolves (WISCO)
The Real McCoys (HTX)
TrumpCard (ATX)
Filthy Arsenal (Denton, TX)
Domestic Weather (SMTX)
Trash Cats (Huntsville, AL)
Asa Martin (NM)
Pour Choices (WISCO)
Battered Image (SATX)
Tres Leches? (Kenefick,TX)
The Altitude (Denton, TX)
Red Direct and The Gogo Fuck Yourselves (SMTX)
Saul and Los Howlers (SATX)

Cerebral Imaging Productions
Allen Wayne Nichols

Abel Apple Alvarado
Samantha Jo Rubio
Bueno Creations
Chris Gonzales
Jessica Flores
Malice in Chains Jewelry by LJ Tucker

Vendors Include
Punk With A Camera
Sabor Catrinas Food Truck
Bryan Ridgeway
Merch Vandal

Special Thanks goes out to Patreon Supporters for helping to make this event possible.
Rock Bottom String Band
Devin Dear
Angel Josue Bautista
Stef Cmielewski
Max Richard
Nathan Gregory Bornstein
Andrew Avila
Gustavo Gallegos
Moni Avila
Rael-o Salas

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