I can’t tell you guys what it means to me that I am able to bring you this week’s interview. This is the man that restored my passion for music. He is the one that made me say, you know what maybe there is an answer to that iconic George Jones question. If it wasn’t for him this page wouldn’t even exist, hell I’ll be honest I’m not even sure I would still exist. I was lost for a long time and because of his music I found the Flockers and hundreds of friends and people who embraced me. Every time someone ask me why I devote all of my time to music, I always say because music saved me and Cody Jinks is the main part of that cause he led me to everyone else. I have been lucky enough to meet and hangout with him 13 times now and I will never call him a friend because he is so much more, he is my brother, he is family. I know this intro is a little long but I just wanted to say thank you for taking the time to do this, I love you brother and I thank God for you. I hope everyone enjoys and if you do please, PLEASE like this page so that you won’t miss any upcoming interviews and share this post so we can spread Cody’s music to others!

Round 1 ~ I know that you love fishing so I was wondering what is your favorite type of fish (I prefer bass fishing myself) and what is the biggest fish that you have caught so far?

Cody ~ “Bass fishing is my favorite but I also love to Striper and Crappie fish. My best bass went 9.8 Ibs, I caught it in El Salto Mexico.”

Round 2 ~ I have noticed that you enjoy playing golf some on your off days, how did you 1st get into golf and do you remember what your best game was?

Cody ~ “I just recently got into golf. I’m absolutely horrible but I like to get out and play, it gets me out of the bus for a while. It’s just fun to get out there and laugh at each other for our bad games. Our Bass player Josh has gotten several of us into it, I’ve never had a great game though.”

Round 3 ~ Can you tell us the backstory on how you & Ward Davis first met and how that friendship got started?

Cody ~ “I met Ward back in February of last year at Floores Country Store in Helotes Texas. He came in as a three piece acoustic opener and I talked to him a little before the show. Then he played and I was really impressed. We talked after the show as well & I told him we would play together again. He came out and did a few more shows and then came out to El Paso to write on I’m not the Devil, after El Paso I’m pretty sure we both knew there was a friendship there.”

Round 4 ~ Brother most artist these days have fan clubs but there is something very special about yours, most of the Flockers especially those of us that have been there to see your rise would take a bullet for you and that kind of loyalty is something I don’t think many musicians have these days. Can you tell us your thoughts on your Flockers?

Cody ~ “The Flockers, I don’t even know where to begin. What an amazing group of people. Self started, self governing, and no bullshit. To have a fan club is one thing, The Flockers are in a whole nother stratosphere. I think what I’m most proud of is the charity work they support and if another Flocker needs anything there will be folks there for them. From music to tickets, whatever. It’s an honor to have them, the support, seeing them at shows. It’s very cool.”

Round 5 ~ Well as most people already know you have been selling out almost every venue you guys play at lately including 2 nights at The Mother Church of Country Music…Can you give us an idea of what your plans are for the future?

Cody ~ “The Mother Church of Country Music, I mean how much cooler does it get than that. Our immediate future will be spent touring and recording for the next record. This is one of the busiest times of the year for us, we’ve got some really cool shows coming up and we have a lot to be excited about and a lot to be thankful for.”

Last Call…This section is an open message to your fans and the Flockers, so you can tell them anything you would like them to know.

Cody ~ “Thanks to my band and crew and all of our families that are willing to let us go for weeks or months at a time, and thanks to the Flockers for having our backs while we are out on the road.”

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