I first met Tennessee Jet on Dec. 2nd 2016 in Nashville Tennessee at 3rd & Lindsley, he was opening for Ward Davis and Cody Jinks. I was highly impressed by him and have been a fan ever since. I contacted him and asked if he would be interested in being on the page and his response was “It would be an honor” which really meant a lot to me and I felt the same way so I will say it is an honor to bring you all this ‘5 Shots’ with my friend TJ McFarland. If you enjoy please like this page for future interviews and share so we can help spread Tennessee Jet’s music. Thanks!

Round 1 ~ I’m always amazed when I watch you perform because you do it all by yourself. How many intruments are you able to play and how many do you normally play at the same time on stage?

TJ ~ My typical setup gives me the option to play drums, guitars, and harmonica with a couple mics set up for vocals…one distorted and one clean. There are a few songs I’ll play guitar with my left hand and the drums with my feet and right hand while singing and taking solos with the harmonica. My style was born out of necessity…trying to make the biggest sound possible as a one-man-band.

Round 2 ~ I have always been impressed by the lyrics in your songs. How old were you when you wrote your first song, do you remember any of the lyrics to it?

TJ ~ I’ve written as far back as I can remember, not always songs…a lot of little short stories and what I guess you could call poetry…not really knowing why, writing was just something I always did. I started putting words to music when I was probably 15 or 16. Really traditional country stuff.

Round 3 ~ Your real name is TJ McFarland, where does your stage name ‘Tennessee Jet’ come from?

TJ ~ I was living in Nashville when I came up with the name…that’s where the “Tennessee” part comes from….and ”Jet” is the name of James Dean’s character in the movie “Giant”. That’s the movie dialogue you hear in the background of “Please Come to Austin” from my ‘Reata’ record.

Round 4 ~ Most people think that being a musician is an amazing job and for the most part it is but those of us that are around it all the time know that it also has it’s negitives. What is your favorite thing and least favorite thing about being a musician?

TJ ~ Favorite thing: Creating and pushing myself to learn a new way to write or play.
Least favorite thing: I think the worst days of this gig pale in comparison to the worst days of most other jobs like being a soldier or a cop…and I HATE
it when musicians whine.

Round 5 ~ What are some of your favorite things to do outside of the music World?

TJ ~ I watch westerns…usually Clint Eastwood…and drink…usually Jim Beam.

Last Call ~ This section is an open message to your fans, so you can tell them anything you would like them to know.

TJ ~ Thanks for asking me to do this Josh. I’m glad to know you and people like you that have such a passion for music and the musicians that they dig.

Video Credit goes to Lynn Hillis

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