I first saw The Steel Woods when they opened for Blackberry Smoke in Montgomery Alabama. I was highly impressed and then their debut album ‘Straw In The Wind’ was released shortly after and I was blown away all over again. These guys are so talented and some of the nicest guys you will meet. If you have never been to one of their shows, do yourself a favor and buy a ticket you will not regret it. Once again thanks to everyone who takes time to support my page and read about all these great musicians, please remember to like this page for future interviews and share this post to help spread the word about The Steel Woods music. I hope you enjoy!

Round 1 ~ How did you guys all meet and come together to form The Steel Woods?

Steel Woods ~ We all knew each other in some form or fashion before the band. Prior to forming The Steel Woods, guitarists Wes Bayliss and Jason “Rowdy” Cope were both pursuing musical careers. Cope found work as a session musician and played in Jamey Johnson’s band, but once he met Bayliss at a Nashville gig, the two clicked. First they became friends, then they wound collaborating, adding bassist Johnny Stanton and drummer Jay Tooke to round out the lineup.

Round 2 ~ Who would you love to do a tour with?

Steel Woods ~ A lot of names come to mind but I would have to say Willie Nelson because he is one of the few heroes of country music who are still touring.

Round 3 ~ What is your favorite song to play live & why that song?

Steel Woods ~ I would say anything new or that we’ve recently written because it’s the true test of a song to see how the crowd reacts to it.

Round 4 ~ The 1st time I saw you guys was in Montgomery Alabama with Blackberry Smoke, can you tell us about that tour and what it was like hanging out with those guys.

Steel Woods ~ Well the Smoke guys and crew are great but what stood out for me was the people who came to the shows. Blackberry Smoke fans are the real deal! We met a lot of great people on that tour and so many of them have come to see us multiple times since then. We couldn’t be more thankful for that.

Round 5 ~ What is your favorite thing to do outside of the music World?

Steel Woods ~ Anything outdoors that our families can do along with us.

Last Call ~ This is an open message to your fans.

Steel Woods ~ Thanks for the support, come out and see a show we would love to see you.

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