This girl is absolutely amazing, she is already a star but there is no limits for where her talent can take her. When I first heard her I could not believe that she was only 13 years old. I am beyond honored to have been able to talk to her today and bring you this Q&A. Guys if you’re not already a fan of hers please support EmiSunshine, it is people like her that is keeping real music alive. Enjoy #EmiSunshine

Round 1 ~ How old where you when you got your first instrument, what was it, & who taught you how to play it?

A ukelele from mom and I was 7 I kinda taught myself!

Round 2 ~ To be so young you seem to have an old soul, I love that you honor the older style of Country. What inspires you to sing that style though instead of the new style that most young people are into?

I don’t know for sure. Maybe it’s the nostalgia for things before my time or because it makes me feel something I can’t explain but I think mostly because it is real. It makes you listen to the lyrics and everyone can relate to it because it’s about real life not just party time or who’s gonna get a truck and a drink and ride around

Round 3 ~ You have already accomplished what most only dream of by playing the Grand Ole Opry not once but mulitiple times…What is your dreams for the future having already accomplished so much?

Well that stage is home base. If I never played another stage that is my dream stage. Don’t get me wrong I love playing everywhere but that stage for any artist should be home. I’d love to play red rocks, I want to go back to the today show, I want to play Bridgestone arena but my next big goal is Austin City Limits

Round 4 ~ I know that some of your family is in your band, can you tell us about your band?

Sure my dad Randall plays bass, my brother John is on Mandolin and Guitar, my uncle bobby is on Drums and we call on the occasional fiddler or dobro player for some shows

Round 5 ~ What is your favorite thing to do outside of music?

Hula hoop or draw

Last Call…This is your chance to say what ever you would like to your fans.

😊 Please share music! Not just mine but any of your favorite artists! Music helps everyone and musicians need fans to do what they do! Buy an album! If all my fans bought one we would be closer to being near them! Cd profits bring artists to venues!

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