Happy New Year’s everyone! I would like to kick 2018 off by introducing you all to my very talented kilt wearing brother from across the pond over in Scottland. He is not only a talented musician but also just a really nice guy. Please remember to like this page in orders to ensure you don’t miss any off the musician interviews coming up in 2018 and also please share this post cause the simple act of clicking share helps spread and strengthen the music that we all love.

Round 1 – What is the music scene like where you are from and what is it like trying to play country music there?

Scott – It’s a strange one over here. There is a big music scene, and lots of pubs and bars have live music, but the majority are only interested in you playing a real mixed bag 3hr set of cover versions. The country ‘scene’ is definitely growing over here in the UK though. It’s not necessarily the country music that I like or would like to play, but the interest is definitely there, largely because of that Nashville TV show I think. There is an annual festival over here now called Country2Country that draws some big names from across the pond, it’s had Reba, Miranda Lambert, Darius Rucker, Brad Paisley etc. Nobody yet that has made me want to buy a ticket though! That said, this rise in popularity of country music means that a lot of the acts that I do really like are starting to come across more frequently, so in 2017 I have managed to see Jason Isbell, John Moreland, Colter Wall, Brent Cobb, The White Buffalo all here in Scotland. People are starting to know that I love playing country, and because of people knowing about my trip across to the Ryman, I am starting to get asked to play Jinks stuff on some gigs, as well as stuff by Kristofferson and Merle eyc, which is great. Long may that continue.

Round 2 – Can you tell what your Nashville experience during Cody Jinks’ Ryman weekend was like?

Scott – I’m not sure I have enough space for this. It was absolutely incredible. Considering I only came across Cody Jinks because I was browsing Whitey videos on YouTube, and then discovered the Blacksheep ‘Flockers’ page just through searching Facebook to see if Cody had an official page, it has been amazing. From the sneaky set up of it all by Monica Lappa and Michael Gregory (and my wife) to getting there and witnessing the best show I have ever seen at The Ryman, it was the stuff of dreams. I have never been made to feel more welcome by a group of people in my life, and that is a testament to the good nature and generosity of the Flockers. At every turnz there was something else that I wasn’t expecting, or where the stars just seemed to align to make the trip better, like finding out that the Buffalo Ruckus, one of my favourite bands, were travelling in to Nashville to play a 1hr set 45 minutes after I landed at the airport. Honestly, words will never really be able to do justice to that weekend. The Ryman is the most special place I have ever watched a show, and to share the experience with so many people that I have come to consider great friends was very very special.

Round 3 – Where can people hear your music, do you have an EP or anything out they can buy?

Scott – So I have an EP called Drifting Away available on all the main digital platforms like Spotify, iTunes, Amazon, Deezer etc. I do love performing my original stuff, but I just don’t normally get that much opportunity, but 2018 is already throwing up a few more opportunities, with support slots to some very talented singer/songwriters, so I’m looking to do quite a bit more writing with a view to getting either a longer EP out or a full album later in the year.

Round 4 – I am an animal lover so I ask almost everyone this, do you have any pets and if so can you tell us about them?

Scott – At the moment, we have a couple of fish and a cat named Charlie. We did have a dog, a beautiful Hungarian Vizsla named Riley, but she passed away when she was just 2 back in 2016. We haven’t been able to bring ourselves to get another dog yet, so went and got Charlie instead from the Cats Protection League, which sounds like some kind of sinister feline army, but is just a cat rescue place.

Round 5 – What’s your favorite things to do outside of music?

Scott – My other big hobby is fishing, although I don’t get that much time to do it these days, as I work full time and am then out gigging every weekend. But I have fished for 40 years and it will always be part of me. These days, it’s mainly Pike Fishing that I do when I do manage to get out. Fishing and sitting down with my guitar are the two most relaxing things for me, where I can lose all the pish and stress that have come out of the day job and just let any worries disappear. Last Call – Open message to say what ever you want people to know. Scott – Well, to all the people in the States and further afield who I have got to know over the course of the last 15 months through music, a massive thank you for taking this sweary British fella into your fold. Thanks to those who have had a listen to my little EP and said kind words of encouragement. And finally just keep spreading the word about all the great music that is out there. There is definitely a change a’coming in Country music and it’s because people like the folk that follow this page and because people like you Josh, are spreading the message, sharing shit hot music by extremely talented artists, and fighting together to make sure people know about ‘real’ music. Thanks guys.


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