One day I went into the Nashville Palace to type up some stories and have a cheeseburger, and I happened to catch this man’s unique set in the front bar. Now, here you have this man up there belting out the most rare traditional Country Music one could possibly find in the honky tonk of Nashville.

I mean, we have SO MUCH rare and wonderful local talent here that every time I find a new person I just salivate over researching more them, so I can bring them to you. Mr. David Peterson is indeed one of those individuals. Let me tell you this..,.the man played Tarnished Angel by George Jones. NOT the Jones that these kids nowadays are idolizing THE JONES that recorded for Starday Records, and had a flat top haircut.

He dresses the part and entertains like a pro, and has more passion and revrance for real true Country Music than TWENTY of those packaged fools in the mainstream music community.

His latest edition of 1946 will feature Lincoln Hensley on banjo, Josh Gooding on mandolin, and Mike Bub on bass (when his schedule allows). David will play guitar and sing lead, with Josh taking the tenor. They will also use a number of different fiddlers when they go out.

I’ll be keeping an eye out for this man, and his music to feature the album in the best fashion I can in the upcoming months.

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