Johnny Cash has been covered by many artists in many different ways. Brian
Owens has taken the R&B route and has brought the soul out of these old
Johnny Cash tunes with his latest record titled Soul Of Cash. Some covers
are more successful than others, but they are all done with a passion that
shows Owen’s love for Cash.

There are two incredible covers on this album that makes it worth the price
of admission. “Ring of Fire” and “Folsom Prison” are some of the most
creative takes on these songs I have heard. “Ring of Fire” harkens back to
the Ray Charles version of the song while remaining it’s own thing.
“Folsom Prison” has it’s own groove. If Johnny Cash’s original was a more
somber warning about the slow pace of prison life, Brian Owens is looking
out of prison at a party train, and it’s going fast down the tracks. His
vocal still has a somber longing quality, but the music is a dance track
that you can imagine the passengers would hear in a party car.

The next handful of tracks keep the somber quality of the Johnny Cash
originals. “Walk The Line” has an amazing bass line as the focus of what
turns out to be a very smooth rendition. One of my favorite Cash songs is
his take on “Long Black Veil” and Brian Owens and Dylan McDonald do a good
version of it here. “Man In Black” brings another interesting take on a
Cash original by making it a faster and less somber track. Cash’s version
worked as a protest tune, and while Owens still retains that message, I’m
not sure if it works as a faster song.

The album closes with an original tune titled “Soul In My Country”. This
song is pretty much an explanation of why this album exists. It is Brian
Owens telling his own story about his connection to country music. Country
music and soul music have similar origins and they are both born out of the
church. This whole album bridges the gap between country and soul
successfully and it is worth a listen for any fan of Johnny Cash. There is
no physical release for the album yet, however it is out everywhere digital
albums are sold. They are planning a vinyl release in the future.

Brian Owens – Soul Of Cash

  1. Ring of Fire
  2. Folsom Prison Blues
  3. Walk The Line
  4. Cry Cry Cry
  5. Sunday Morning Coming Down (feat. Austin Grimm Smith)
  6. Long Black Veil (feat. Dylan McDonald)
  7. Man In BlackSoul In My Country (feat. Rissi Palmer and Robert Randolph)

–Joshua Wallace
Chief Staff Writer
Gary Hayes County

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