By Joshua Wallace

Every now and then, a new artist creates their own buzz around a debut release and you can’t escape it until you hear it for yourself.  That has happened recently with the debut EP from Delberto Delvis. Delberto is a DIY country singer out of Tucker County, West Virginia.  His first release titled Big Mountain Run is an all acoustic affair so the focus here is on Delberto’s songwriting and it does not disappoint.  The album sounds like you just walked into some honky tonk dive in West Virginia and Delberto just stepped up to the mic.

The first record from any artist should give their listeners an idea of who this person is.  The album Big Mountain Run achieves that greatly. The record kicks off with the title track which describes an annual biker event in West Virginia.  The song is all about the fun that can be had at this event and it’s sung by someone who has an obvious love for it. If you find yourself in the West Virginia area soon, the 9th edition just happens to be June 7th – June 10th.  Another favorite is “3 Chords and The Truth” which as we all know is the basic ingredients of a good country song. This song essentially explains what country music means to Delberto Delvis and it provides another layer to the question of “Who is Delberto Delvis?”.

Up next we have “Hey Nashville” which is another in a long line of Nashville protest songs.  This one is well written and also falls in the line of telling you about Delberto. We all know that mainstream country coming out of Nashville isn’t great, but Delberto gives you an idea of just why it doesn’t fit a songwriter like him.  Finally, I like the song “Jesus Please Help Me Along”. I love when we get religious songs from country singers. They can be some of the more personal songs on a record and this one is no different.

This whole album paints a picture of “Who is Delberto Delvis?” and in my opinion it’s a journey worth taking.  He has created some buzz in independent country music groups online and I’m here to tell you this one is worth listening to the hype.  If you’re interested in picking up Big Mountain Run, it is only available in limited physical copies at the moment. To pick one of these up just send $13 on Paypal to junebugsfarm @ yahoo . com (without the added spaces) and make sure that you specify the right address to send it to and whether or not you want it signed.  Delberto is looking to get his music out there digitally soon so be on the lookout for that too.

Favorite Tracks : Big Mountain Run, 3 Chords and The Truth, Hey Nashville, Jesus Please Help Me Along


Delberto Delvis – Big Mountain Run (2018)

  1. Big Mountain Run
  2. Devil Anse
  3. 3 Chords And The Truth
  4. Hey Nashville
  5. The Underdog
  6. Jesus Please Help Me Along
  7. She’s Mine
  8. Tale Of Johnny Cash
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