You can’t go far in the world of country music without hearing the name Kendell
Marvel. He has written many great songs that have been performed by the
likes of Jamey Johnson, Chris Stapleton and George Strait to name a few.
He also hosts a monthly Honky Tonk Experience show at the famous Exit /
In. Marvel has finally released his debut album Lowdown & Lonesome and
it’s a good one. Kendell Marvel has taken some of the best parts of the
people he’s worked alongside in Nashville and created some good, real
country music.

It’s bluesy like a good Stapleton record one moment, and hits you hard with
the thick honky tonk outlaw sound of a Jamey Johnson record the next.
Kendell Marvel has a powerful voice to pull it off too. Songs like “Gypsy
Woman” and “Lowdown & Lonesome” are the kind of tracks that will stick with
you cement Marvell as his own hit maker. Another highlight is “Untangle My
Mind” which features some honky tonk piano.

“Untangle My Mind” is also notable as one of the album’s three Chris
Stapleton co-writes. The other two “Closer To Hell” and “Trying Not To
Love You” are also highlights. Honestly, there isn’t a bad song on this
album and it is sure to find a spot on my year end top albums list. The
Charlie Daniels cover “Drinkin’ My Baby Goodbye” with Jamey Johnson is a
good way to close it out.

If you want some good country music that will hold you over till the next
Stapleton or Jamey Johnson album hits, this is the record for you. It hits
all the right notes and Kendell Marvel’s first step into the spotlight is
amazing. I highly recommend everyone go and buy or stream this album now.
It is available everywhere digitally and on CD at Kendell Marvel

1. Kendell Marvel – Lowdown & Lonesome
2.Lowdown & Lonesome
3.Gypsy Woman
4.Heartache Off My Back
5.Watch Your Heart
6.Untangle My Mind
7.Tryin’ Not To Love You
8.Hurtin’ Gets Hard
9.Closer To Hell
10.That Seat’s Saved
11.Drinkin’ My Baby Goodbye

Joshua Wallace
Chief Staff Writer
Gary Hayes County

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