By Joshua Wallace

Laid Back Country Picker is one of those artists you hear about through the
grapevine. Either you see his videos on Youtube, you see someone wearing
his shirt or you see a friend post about his album online. There is an
infectious quality about the single he released titled “Magoffin County
Cadillac”. The entire self titled debut album has that same quality that
draws you in and doesn’t let go.

“Magoffin County Cadillac” is the best track of the record. It’s a great
song about buying quality, cheap former police cars at police auctions.
It’s actually refreshing because it’s not something you hear about a
thousand times in other country songs. “I Live In The Now” and “Gangsters
and Preachers” are other highlights. They keep that same classic country
sound that makes “Magoffin County Cadillac” so good.

It is worth mentioning that John Neff plays steel guitar on this record.
He played on a lot of the Drive By Trucker albums including my personal
favorite Brighter Than Creation’s Dark. “Kathy With An Eight Ball” is a
simple track that is essentially a show piece for his work as it features a
long steel solo that is worth checking out.

I’m digging what I hear of Laid Back Country Picker. The CD has a quote on
it “I just want to play some good country music and treat everybody
right…”. They’ve got the good country music part right here, and so far
Laid Back Country Picker seems to be an alright guy. Currently the only
way to get this CD is to see him at a show or message Laid Back Country
Picker on Facebook. Tell him Gary Hayes Country sent ya.

Laid Back Country Picker

1.Laid Back Country Picker
2. Magoffin County Cadillac
3.Party Line
4. Kathy With An Eight Ball
5.I Live In The Now
6.Gangsters and Preachers
7.David Bowie
8.Put Me Away
9.Jim Frank

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