By Joshua Wallace

You might remember Lucette’s 2014 Dave Cobb produced album titled Black Is The Colour.  It had a big rootsy vibe and it seemed like she was ready to set the Americana world on fire.  Fast forward five years later and we have the follow up release called Deluxe Hotel Room. This album is produced by Sturgill Simpson and it sounds nothing like the previous record.  Instead of a rootsy vibe, Lucette goes for a moody, synth pop vibe. It has the psychedelic flare Simpson is known for with the help of some well placed synthesizers and saxophones. I dig the sound she’s going after on this album, as it is something new for both herself and Sturgill as a producer.

The title track “Deluxe Hotel Room” starts us off with a somber piano backing Lucette before evolving into a psychedelic crescendo.  It’s a mellow intro into the album and I dig it. “Out Of The Rain” is a ballad with the backing track being a simple drum beat and synth.  Then you have that sax solo come in and it takes this slow moody track into another space. “Full Moon Town” picks up the pace a bit, but the track is still drums and synth with some psychedelic flare here and there.

“Angel” helps pick the proceedings up a bit with an upbeat rhythm.  It’s a welcome change though it’s still the same drum and synth sound that is throughout the album.  The sax ads a bit of texture to “Fly Me To Heaven” as it helps carry the tune throughout the song. “Talk To Myself” is a standout from the second half of the album.  It uses the drum and bass with synth approach to the best effect on the album in my opinion. You can really hear Sturgill’s influences on this track as it sounds like something that would have fit on one of his more psychedelic records.

Lucette has transformed her sound for Deluxe Hotel Room from a rootsy Americana powerhouse to a moody drum and bass synth pop affair.  You can hear Sturgill’s influence with the use of the sax and psychedelic sound textures throughout the album, but it doesn’t really sound like something you would expect to hear from Sturgill Simpson.  I still recommend giving it a listen as it’s some new and unexpected sounds from both Lucette and Sturgill. Deluxe Hotel Room is out everywhere on May 17th, 2019.

Favorite Tracks : Out Of The Rain, Full Moon Town, Angel, Fly To Heaven, Talk To Myself

Lucette – Deluxe Hotel Room (2019)

  1. Deluxe Hotel Room
  2. Out Of The Rain
  3. Full Moon Town
  4. Angel
  5. Fly To Heaven
  6. California
  7. Crazy Bird
  8. Talk To Myself
  9. Lover Don’t Give Up On Me
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