Lorrie Morgan: Letting Go….Slow

Well it has been five years since Lorrie Morgan has released any new music for us to enjoy, and this album is indeed a noteworthy addition to your collection. She has sold over eight million copies of albums and charted fourteen top tern hits, and won numerous awards at events. She became an Opry member at only twenty four which makes her the third youngest ever to be inducted.

Her late father, George Morgan is iconic to the Opry having been the very last performer on the Ryman stage and the very first performer on the NEW Opry stage before he left us in July of 1975. And now, her son Jessie Keith Whitley plays Country Music as well. In fact these three have began my first piece from my collection project of “Three Generation Families”, I have a signed picture of George Morgan and also had Miss Lorrie and Mr. Jessie sign it.

“Jesus And Hairspray” was my favorite song on this whole album, I loved the steel and the song flow. It is her newest single off the album and it’s one of the originals on the album. Her daughter in law wrote the title track from this album called “Slow” and she self explained on her website that it had everything to do with her recent divorce to Sammy Kershaw. She describes the event to be one of the most difficult times in her life because she was still in love with him and wasn’t willing to let go.

There are some pretty good covers on this album like “Is It Raining At Your House” made popular by “The Voice” Vern Gosdin and “Ode To Billy Joe” made popular by Bobbie Gentry. Perhaps the best cover on this album was “Iv’e Done Enough Dying today” which was originally a Larry Gaitlin song from 1977.

“Strange” was an original song Lorrie co-wrote and it had a Roy Orbison feel to it with some truly fine piano and steel guitar work. It really flowed nicely and opened the album well, I could see the Mavericks covering this song for sure. “Lay Lady Lay” was a Bob Dylan song from 1980 and the funny thing was that the longtime argument of whether Pete Drake played steel on that song or did Sonny Garrish?

Another new song was called “Spilled Milk” which was slow bluesy type song that showcased her voice quite well, and much like Loretta Lynn her voice has not aged in the slightest bit. I would highly recommend this album for your collection however I’m not sure right now if you’ll see it on my Top 50 or not….


Aubrie Sellers: New City Blues

This debut album from Aubrie Sellers who is the daughter of Jason Sellers and Lee Ann Womack is truly a roller coaster of songs from one type to another. It opens eerily slow with “Light Of Day” which quickly transitions into a moderate tune,however it is a well written song. In fact all fourteen songs on this album are truly well written and it sounds good, it is well produced.

“Sit Here And Cry” takes it up a notch with good fuzz box guitars and honky tonk beats. This was one of the better songs on the album in my opinion however the song that follows “Paper Doll” was a rock infused song that sounds like a Joan Jett head banging song about plastic cookie cutter men and women. Like I said the whole album isn’t all traditional Country and that’s not a bad thing.

It flips over to Country again with a steel guitar infused moderate beat song called “Losing Ground” which was cleverly written like the rest of them and you can easily tell the influence of her mother in this song both vocally and musically. It sounds exactly like what her mother put out in 2014 with her latest groundbreaking album. “Humming Song” was another good moderately slow song, I don’t believe there are any filler songs on this album!

“Liar Liar” sounded to me to be the most commercially friendly song on the album, I couldv’e heard Carrie Underwood doing that song however I think Aubrie does a better job than anyone on it. “Just To Be With You” is a rabble rousing outlaw type song that kicks up her heels and showcases more of her versatile voice.


Husky Burnette: Ain’t Nothin’ But A Revival

You know folks I been waiting a LONG TIME for another loud burly punch in my mouth from my friend Brian Husky Burnette, I mean daggum it he is just mind blowing loud dirty blues. If you come out of a Husky show feeling bad you are off your rocker! I haven’t gotten the opportunity to cover his set since Crooked Smile Fest last year however this year I have seen his name on some of the festivals I’m covering.

First off before I even tell you one song on the album I have GOOD NEWS, it was produced by Andy Gibson. ANYTHING he produces is GOLD I wouldn’t care if he produced a homeless guy singing the ABC’s, it would sound dynamic. He brought us “Fire And Hail” by .357 String Band and from there he went on to produce many more stellar album, he most likely produced some before “Fire And Hail” and right now I it just slipped my mind. You’ll have to forgive me I’m still al little sick with sinus flu.

Another positive thing I’ll point out is the album is long in song time length but short at only eleven songs. Overall it’s a damn fine album and I’m quite pleased with it, as it opens to my expectations with “Best I Can” which is a slam banging loud assed rocket ride through him telling you he’s a Husky boy and he’s not a ladies man. This song is full of trademark Husky slide solos and band music while he rips raw and filthy on them strings.

“Kick Rocks” was the first single I ever heard from this album and I am pretty sure he played it for us last year or I pre-heard it somewhere if I’m wrong. He includes his ever popular buddy The Colonel J.D.Wilkes of Th’ Legendary Shack Shakers harmonica in this song and it accompanies the song very well. And my friend Sweet Georgia Brown also had hands in producing and mastering this project which was released on Rusty Knuckles label.

“Chicken Grease” was just a weird sounding song altogether but it was different twist from the rest of the album in direction and it was only two minutes long. “Dog Me Down” was the only song on this entire album Mr.Brian didn’t write himself as Miss Bethany Kidd joined him on vocals for it and co-wrote it as well.

“See,I Moan The Blues” was just absolute classic Husky Burnette I have come to expect out of him with guitar tone and growling lyrics that easily identify him from the rest. Man you can hear the songs and say YEP THAT’S HUSKY!
“Pay By The Hour” was a slower song and was the longest on the album at a whopping six minutes long, hoever it’s six minutes of GOOD will NOT be disappointed with this album as I sure the hell wasn’t, Top 50 you ask? YES it will be!


Joey And Rory: Hymns That Are Important To Us

You know this album has no original material and honestly WHO CARES? It was precious Gold and this album should be held in HIGH REGARD by ANY Country Music lover, you NEED to have this album. The album opens with Joey Feek singing with NO music and her voice is flawless and smooth as the finest silk. One must remember she was VERY SICK when this album was recorded, in fact right after it she decided to give up her fight with cancer and return home to enjoy her final days with her loved ones.

She did just that as we recently lost her and the whole time she suffered on Earth Joey Feek reached out and cried for Jesus and in my opinion she died with more dignity than anyone else I have ever witnessed in the music industry.
On this album Joey And Rory sing all their favorite classic Hymns that are still popular within churches all over the world.

My personal favorite “The Old Rugged Cross” was covered better by them than anyone I ever heard second close would have been Brad Paisley. “Softly And Tenderly” was another truly wonderful song that was powered by Joey’s heavenly vocals I bet she is truly admired even by the Angels up there, because when you join her voice with a steel guitar you cannot get more Country.

“I’ll Fly Away” and “How Great Thou Art” are two we ALL were raised on and know by heart. I’ll be honest I cannot listen to this album without tears not just because we lost such a truly blessed person but the way they present these Glorious songs on this album. I bet even Vestal Goodman herself would agree these performances are worthy of God’s Golden Throne room itself and if it’s not up there I will be surprised.

Happy Easter My Friends, Thanks For Reading My Website.

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